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Pilgrimages of Maharashtra - Solapur district

  1. Pandharpur (Famous pilgrimage of Krishna)


Pandharpur Vitthal Pandharpur Vitthal Temple - Famous pilgrimage of Panduranga or Vitthal (Sri Krishna): Pandharpur is associated with the legend of Pundalik or Pundarik. According to this legend Pundalik was a pleasure-seeking person in his early years. He neglected his old and ailing parents and bestowed his attention on his attractive wife. Once Pundalik sent off his aged parents to Kashi on foot and sometime later he himself set off to Kashi with his wife on horses. On the route he took shelter in the ashram of Rishi Kukkut. While staying in the ashram at midnight he encountered the divine beings Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati who came to the ashram to repurify themselves. At that moment while meeting them, Pundalik's sins were also removed and he asked them about the secret of Rishi Kukkut's power. They told him that the rishi had served his parents all his life with devotion, and as a result he accumulated great punya. From that point a great transformation came to Pundalik. He took his old parents home and started serving them as the only aim of life.

Bhagavan was highly pleased with this and came to meet Pundalik. Pundalik was engrossed in serving his father and Bhagavan stood there with his arms resting on his hips. Initially Pundalik did not notice Bhagavan but due to the rays of light emanating from God's body, Pundalik turned towards Bhagavan but did not leave serving his father and God had to wait. Pundalik threw a brick for the God to sit. When his service towards his father was over and God told him to ask for a boon, Pundalik requested Bhagavan to be eternally present in that spot. Thus Panduranga or Vitthal is seen standing on the brick which is given by Pundalik.

- Pandharpur is located in the Solapur district of Maharashtra.

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