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Pilgrimages of Rajasthan - Jaipur district

Devi Ambika at Virata Shakti Peetha:

Puranic Event:
Devi's Pada Anguli (Fingers of the Foot) fell at Virata where She is known as Ambika and the Bhairava is called Amrita.
(from Peetha Nirnaya texts)

The Virata Shakti Peetha is identified with the Devi Ambika temple in Virata, in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan. The Shakti Peetha is located in Vairat (Bairat) village around 64 km from Jaipur.


Sambhar Shakambari Sambhar Shakambari Temple - Famous pilgrimage of Devi Shakambari: The Shakambari Devi temple at Sambhar is located on the bank of the Sambhar lake. According to legend Goddess Shakambari pleased with some service done to Her converted a dense forest into a plain of silver. The inhabitants were afraid that this will result in a strife among people, so at their request the Goddess converted the plain into a lake known as Sambhar, which is considered as a corrupt form of Shakambar.

- Sambhar is located in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan.

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