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Festivals - from Padma Purana

  1. Story of Krishna Janmashtami
  2. Stories of Radha Ashtami

Story of Krishna Janmashtami - from Padma Purana:

Sri Krishna Padma Purana (Bhumi Khanda Ch-13): A king named Citrasena indulged in great sins during his life. One day, during hunting, he ran after a tiger in the forest and became exhausted. In the evening he was very hungry and thirsty and came to the bank of river Yamuna. He saw some chandala girls observing the vow of Krishna Janmashtami on the bank of the river with sandal, flowers etc. The women told the king about the sacred vow. The king brought a few flowers, a little sandal etc and observed the vow. Even though he was very hungry and thirsty, he broke the fast only at the end of Ashtami. By the power of this vow, Citrasena along with his deceased ancestors went to the abode of Vishnu.

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Stories of Radha Ashtami - from Padma Purana:

Devi Radha Padma Purana (Bhumi Khanda Ch-7):

1. Once the Earth was burdened by wicked people. She became helpless and taking the form of a cow approached Lord Brahma to seek relief from her grief. Lord Brahma went to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu asked Sri Radha to incarnate on earth (to become the companion of Sri Krishna). Sri Radha rose from the sacrificial ground of king Vrishabhanu on the Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha Ashtami.

2. In Kritayuga there was a beautiful woman by name Lilavati who had committed very grave sins. Once, she went to another city to gain wealth. In that city she saw many devotees observing the vow of Radhashtami inside a temple with flowers, sandal, incense, fruits etc. They were singing devotional songs. Knowing about the vow of Radhashtami from them, Lilavati joined them. Later in life, when she died of snake bite and messengers of Yama bound her painfully with a noose and was about to take her, the messengers of Vishnu came with conches and maces in hands, freed her and took her to the abode of Vishnu.

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Bharatavarsha - The Land of Gods and Sages:

1. Stotras by Deity:
Initial: Ganesha - Hanuman - Gurudeva - Gayatri
Tridevas: Brahma - (Vishnu - Narasimha - Rama - Krishna) - Shiva
Tridevis: Saraswati - (Lakshmi - Tulasi - Bhoomi) - Parvati
Others: Murugan - Surya - Ganga - Yamuna - Narmada - Others
Final: Vedas - Brahman

2. Pilgrimages by Deity:
Initial: Ganesha
Tridevas: Brahma - (Vishnu - Narasimha - Rama - Krishna) - Shiva
Tridevis: Saraswati - Lakshmi - (Parvati - Shakambari)
Others: Murugan - Ganga

3. Sadhana: Sadhana - Hermitages - Penances

4. Saints: Ramakrishna - Vivekananda - Ramana - Saints

5. Sacred Geography: Forests - Mountains - Rivers - Lakes

6. Puranas: Scriptures

7. Religious Life: Stotras - Puja - Pilgrimages - Festivals - Varnashramas - Samskaras - Traditions

8. Other Aspects: Sanskrit - Arts - Music - Dance - Medicine - Architecture - Astronomy

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