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Slaying of demons Madhu - Kaitabha

  1. Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Madhu and Kaitabha tries to slay Brahma
  2. Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Lord Brahma extols the Devi
  3. Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Devi deludes the demons

Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Madhu and Kaitabha tries to slay Brahma - from Devi Mahatmyam:

Devi Durga 1.67: When Lord Vishnu was in Yoga Nidra and the entire Universe was one with the Ocean, and during the end of the Kalpa when Bhagavan Prabhu (i.e. Lord Vishnu) was lying over (the bed of) Shesha,

1.68: Then two terrible Asuras who were well-known as Madhu and Kaitabha, came out of the mala (dust) of the ear of Vishnu and proceeded to slay Lord Brahma,

1.69: Prajapati Brahma who was abiding on the Lotus of the Navel of Vishnu (Nabhi Kamala), seeing the two fierce Asuras and that Janardhana was asleep, ....

1.70: ... extolled the (Devi) Yoga Nidra by concentrating his mind in his Heart in order to awaken Hari; (He extolled that Devi) Who has made the eyes of Hari Her abode.

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Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Lord Brahma extols the Devi - from Devi Mahatmyam:

Devi Durga 1.71: Om, the Goddess of the entire Universe (Vishweshwari), Who Supports all the Worlds (Jagatdhatri), Who is the underlying Cause behind the continuance of Existence (Sthiti) as well as Withdrawing of Creation (Samhara), Who is the Goddess with unparalled Tejas (Power) and is the Yoganidra of Vishnu,

1.72: (To that Goddess) Lord Brahma said ...

1.73: You are Swaha (Sacrificial oblations to the gods), You are Swadha (Sacrificial oblations to the manes), You are indeed Vasatkara (Exclamation during sacrifice after which the oblation is poured); You are the essence behind these Swaras (Exclamations during sacrificial oblations) (and thus the One to Whom all Sacrificial Oblations go); You are the Nectar (of Bliss) within the Akshara (Om), residing eternally as the essence behind the three Maatras (A-U-M),

1.74: You eternally abide in the very subtle Bindu of the Omkara, which in particular, cannot be pronounced at all; You indeed are the Sandhya (The approaching calmness of the night and the essence of the Sandhya worship) and You indeed are the Savitri (The power of the Sun during the day and the essence of the Gayatri mantra); You are the Devi Who is the Supreme Mother,

1.75: You Bear this Universe, You Create this World (from Your Power), and You Sustain this Creation, O Devi (through Your Power), and finally You merge this Creation within You, always,

1.76: During Creation You are Sristhi-Rupa (of the form of the Creator of this World), during Sustaining You are Sthiti-Rupa (of the form of the Abider within the Creation for Nourishing it), and in like manner, during the End of the World, You assume the form of Samhriti (of the form of Withdrawer of Creation within Yourself); You are thus the Jaganmayi (Who contain the whole World within Herself),

1.77: You are Mahavidya (The great secret Knowledge beyond the Mind), You are Mahamaya (The Knowledge which enchants the Mind), You are Mahamedha (The great Intelligence beyond the Mind) and You are Mahasmriti (The Universal Memory which Knows everything); You are Mahamoha (The Knowledge which confounds the limited Mind); You are Mahadevi, the worshipful Great Goddess,

1.78: Through Your Three Gunas, You have given rise to the entire Prakriti (The Universal Nature); You are Kalaratri (The Great Night behind Prakriti which causes Dissolution), You are Maharatri (The Great Night behind Prakriti which is full of Mystery), You are Moharatri (The Great Night behind Prakriti which causes Delusion), You are (indeed) Very Very Deep,

1.79: You are Sri (Srim, the Bija Mantra of Sri), You are the Goddess (Who brings Prosperity), You are Hri (Hrim, the Bija Mantra of Prana and Heart Space), You are (the Power which awakens) the Intelligence and Understanding; You are the Feminine Energy manifesting as Modesty, Nourishment, as well as Contentment; You are indeed Peace and the Power of Forbearance,

1.80: Holding the Khadga (Sword, Scymitar) and Trishula (Trident) You manifest Your Dreadful form (making a Terrible Sound); with the other hands holding the Gada (Mace) and Chakra (Discus), and (holding) Shankha (Conch Shell), Caapa (Bow), Bana (Arrow), Bhusundi (a type of weapon) and the weapon Parigha (Club studded with Iron),

1.81: You are Saumya (Cool and Placid like the Moon), a greater manifestation of Saumya, perfect and whole, and surpassing all that is Saumya; You are indeed exceedingly Beautiful; You are beyond both Para (knowledge relating to the divine) and Apara (knowledge relating to the world); You indeed are the Supreme Goddess,

1.82: Whatever thing, however insignificant, present anywhere, whether they are Sat (based on eternal Truth, lasting) or Asat (not based on eternal Truth, transient), O the Atman (Soul) of the whole Universe, are all manifestations of Your Shakti; how then can anyone Praise You? (the praiser also being part of You),

1.83: By You, (He Who is) the Creator of the World, the Destroyer of the World, He Who is the World Itself (i.e. the Preserver of the World), even Him (i.e. Vishnu), You have overpowered with Sleep; What (further) Praise can therefore be uttered by me now, O Ishwara?

1.84: You are indeed Bearing the Bodies of Vishnu, Myself and Ishana (Shiva); They are all created from Your Power; Hence from what Power of mine can I Praise You? (Since behind everything is Your Power),

1.85: (Even) With all Your Powers thus (mentioned), O Devi, You are praised for Your great Generosity; Therefore, (O Devi), Please delude these invincible Demons, Madhu and Kaitabha,

1.86: O Devi, Please Wake up the Lord of the World (i.e. Vishnu), and guide the Achyuta (another name of Vishnu) quickly

1.87: Please make Known to Him (i.e. Vishnu) about these great Demons, so that He can Kill them.

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Slaying of demons Madhu Kaitabha - Devi deludes the demons - from Devi Mahatmyam:

Devi Durga 1.88: The Rishi said,

1.89: Extolled in this manner by Lord Brahma, the Devi Who is Tamasi (from Whom the Power of Delusion arises), in order to awaken Vishnu for slaying Madhu and Kaitabha, ...

1.90: (Drew Her power out from the) Eyes, Mouth, Nostrils, Arms, Heart and Breast (of Lord Vishnu); Drawing Her Power out, She appeared before Lord Brahma of unknown birth,

1.91: After being released by Her, Janardhana the Lord of the Universe then rose up from His bed of Serpent on the Universal Ocean and saw those two (demons),

1.92: The two evil demons Madhu and Kaitabha of exceeding prowess, whose eyes were red with anger, was trying to devour Brahma,

1.93: Bhagavan Hari, then getting up (from His bed) fought (with the demons) for five thousand years; the Lord (fought with the demons) using His Arms,

1.94: Then (the demons) intoxicated with the pride of their power, was deluded by the Mahamaya,

1.95: "Ask a boon from us", they said to Keshava,

1.96: Sri Bhagavan (Vishnu) said:

1.97: "If you are satisfied with me (give the boon that) you both be slayed by me now",

1.98: "What need is there for me for any other boon? I need this much only",

1.99: The Rishi said:

1.100: (The demons being) deluded thus (by Mahamaya), (seeing) the entire Universe lying in the Waters (of the Universal Ocean) (contemplated); Seeing that they said to Bhagavan (Vishnu) Whose Eyes were beautiful like Lotus (Kamalekshana),

1.101: "Slay us in a place where the Earth is not filled with Waters",

1.102: The Rishi said:

1.103: "Be it so", saying this, the Lord Who wielded Shankha (Conch), Chakra (Discus) and Gada (Mace), by His Chakra (Discus) beheaded (the demons) on His Loins,

1.104: In this way, (the Devi) Herself manifested (once) when extolled by Lord Brahma; Now listen to the (other) Glories of Devi, abounding (in Her Divine Leelas); I am going to tell (that now).

Thus ends the first chapter of Devi Mahatmya from Markandeya Purana; (the chapter) called "Madhu Kaitabha Vadha".

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