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Arrival of Lord Srinivasa at Venkatachala - from Skanda Purana - Venkatachala Mahatmya

  1. Lord Srinivasa arrives at Venkatachala
  2. Story of Vedavati - To be born as Padmavati
  3. Story of Mitravarma and Akasaraja
  4. Appearance of Devi Padmavati to Akasaraja
  5. Meeting of Srinivasa and Padmavati
  6. Srinivasa sends Bakulamalika with marriage proposal
  7. Marriage of Srinivasa and Padmavati
  8. Lord Srinivasa stays at Venkatachala after marriage

Lord Srinivasa arrives at Venkatachala:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 3): Penance of Vayu deva and arrival of Lord Srinivasa at Venkatachala: Lord Varaha told Dharani Devi about the arrival of Lord Srinivasa at Venkatachala. In the first Krita Yuga of Vaivasvata Manvantara Vayu deva was doing penance at Venkatachala. Lord Srinivasa was pleased with his penance and arrived at the bank of Swami Pushkarini accompanied by Sri Devi and Bhumi Devi. Lord Srinivasa remained there in a splendid Vimana (palace or temple) called Ananda but was invisible to human beings. He was constantly worshipped there by Lord Kartikeya.

Penance of sage Agastya to make Lord Srinivasa visible: Lord Varaha then told Dharani Devi how Lord Srinivasa became visible to human beings. Once sage Agastya visited Venkatachala and saw the eternal Lord. He worshipped the Lord for twelve years praying the Lord to become visible. Lord Srinivasa was pleased and agreed to become visible to embodied beings till the end of the kalpa. But the Vimana will remain invisible. Sage Agastya was delighted and returned to his hermitage. Thus the Lord became visible to human beings and was always worshipped by Vayudeva and Skanda. Several Chaturyugas elapsed.

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Story of Vedavati - To be born as Padmavati:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 5): Ravana abducts Vedavati instead of real Devi Sita: Lord Srinivasa told Bakulamalika about Vedavati. Devi Sita who was abducted by Ravana at Panchavati during Treta Yuga was not the real Sita. Agni Deva knew beforehand the intention of Ravana to abduct Devi Sita, so he took Her to Patala and entrusted Her to his wife Swaha. She replaced Her with Vedavati. Formerly Vedavati was touched by Ravana and therefore She had cast off Her body in fire. She was now recreated to kill Ravana. After Ravana was killed, She entered the fire once again and Agni Deva handed over the real Sita to Sri Rama.

Agni Deva requests Sri Rama to give a boon to Vedavati: After handing over the real Sita to Sri Rama, Agni Deva told Sri Rama about Vedavati. He then requested Sri Rama to give a boon to Vedavati since She had remained in the custody of Ravana at Lanka for the sake of Devi Sita (thereby undergoing severe hardships).

Devi Sita requests Sri Rama to accept Vedavati as His wife: When Devi Sita heard about Vedavati from Agni Deva, She requested Sri Rama to accept Vedavati as His wife. Sri Rama told that He would accept Vedavati as His wife in the twenty-eighth Kali Yuga, when She will be born as the daughter of king Viyat (Akasha Raja). Till then She would remain in the world of Lord Brahma and be adored by the Devas.

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Story of Mitravarma and Akasaraja:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 3): Mitravarma becomes king of Tundira Mandala: During the Kali Yuga of the twenty-eighth cycle of Chaturyugas during the Vaivasvata Manvantara (after the Bharata war during Dwapara Yuga) Mitravarma became the king of Tundira Mandala and resided in the city of Narayanpura. He was a very righteous king and during his rule the earth produced plenty of fruits and vegetation even without being tilled. There was no natural calamity in the kingdom and the people were virtuous.

Akasaraja was born to Mitravarma: A wonderful son named Viyat (Akasa) was born to Mitravarma. Viyat (or Akasaraja) was the ornament of the whole race. Mitravarma entrusted his kingdom to Akasaraja and went to perform penance at Venkatadri. The wife of Akasaraja was Dharani Devi who was from the family of Sakas. Akasaraja took the vow of having only one wife. (After Mitravarma left) Akasaraja became the emperor of the whole kingdom.

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Appearance of Devi Padmavati to Akasaraja:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 2): Devi Padmavati appears to Akasaraja from sacrificial ground: After Akasaraja became the emperor, once he decided to perform a yagna. For this he was preparing the sacrificial ground on the bank of river Arani. While ploughing the ground with a golden plough and scattering the seeds, Devi Padmavati appeared as a small girl lying over a bed of lotuses. She was very beautiful and shone like gold. Akasaraja was filled with wonder and was overjoyed. He was then childless. He decided to adopt the girl as his daughter. An ethereal voice confirmed that the girl was indeed his daughter. As the girl was found on the bed of lotuses, she was named as Padmini.

After the appearance of Devi Padmavati a son was born to childless Akasaraja: As soon as Devi Padmavati appeared to Akasaraja, his wife conceived. She gave birth to a son who was to become the successor of the race. Akasaraja was filled with great joy and distributed lot of gifts to his subjects. He named the boy as Vasudana. As Vasudana grew up he was invested with sacred thread. He was taught both the Vedas as well as wielding of weapons. He was pure on one hand and extremely valourous on the other hand. Due to him the kingdom of his father became almost invincible.

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Meeting of Srinivasa and Padmavati:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 4): Sri Narada meets Devi Padmavati: When Devi Padmavati was in the prime of youth, one day She was wandering in a garden with Her companions. The garden was filled with the sounds of parrots and cuckoos. Sri Narada came there by chance. Seeing Her divine beauty Sri Narada enquired about Her. Devi Padmavati told about Herself. Sri Narada asked Her to show Her hand, and then described Her physical beauty from toe to head and told about Her distinctive marks. Finally Sri Narada concluded that She looked like Devi Lakshmi born of the Milky Ocean and befits Lord Vishnu. Sri Narada then disappeared after being duly worshipped by them.

Devi Padmavati goes to collect flowers in the forest with Her companions: It was spring season and Devi Padmavati and Her companions entered the forest to collect flowers. The forest was filled with various flower trees and creepers like Karnikaras, Campakas, Paribhadrakas, Palasas, Patalas, Kundas, Raktasokas, Padminis, Sindhuvaras, Malatis, Yuthikas, Kahlaras, Karaviras etc. While wandering inside the forest they saw a majestic male elephant whose tusks were shining. Streams of ichor was flowing from his cheeks. The majestic male elephant was accompanied by many female elephants. His body was covered with dust and he was spraying water on his face with his trunk. Devi Padmavati and Her companions were frightened and hid behind a tree.

Srinivasa arrives there in course of hunting and meets Devi Padmavati: Srinivasa arrived there in course of hunting riding a white horse. The horse shone like a spotless moon. It was fitted with various golden outfits. Srinivasa of dark-complexion was seated on the horse. He was beautiful and captivating like the god of love. His eyes were like extended lotus petals. His head was adorned with a blue gear tied with silk clothes. His waist was decorated with yellow silk cloth. His hairs were curly and His chest was broad. He had a golden sacred thread over his shoulder. He was adorned with various ornaments like gem-studded ear-rings, bangles, armlets and waist-band. He held the divine Saranga bow which was covered with gold and studded with gems. With the other hand He held a golden arrow. He was chasing a wolf. On seeing the maidens He was struck with wonder and stopped. The majestic male elephant on seeing Him saluted with his trunk and vanished inside the forest. Srinivasa then approached the ladies and enquired about them, specifically about Devi Padmavati. They told that She was the daughter of king Akasa. The companions of Devi Padmavati in-turn enquired about Him. Srinivasa hinted about His divine origin and told that His names are innumerable. The traditions call Him as the Lord of heroes residing at Venkatadri. Srinivasa then asked the companions whether He can obtain Devi Padmavati as His wife. The companions became furious and threatened Him to go away quickly lest Akasaraja bind Him with fetters and imprisons Him. Srinivasa mounted His horse and vanished.

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Srinivasa sends Bakulamalika with marriage proposal:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 5): Srinivasa enchanted by Padmavati - Sends Bakulamalika with marriage proposal: After meeting Padmavati, Srinivasa lost His mind to Her. He was in a sort of absent-minded semi-conscious state. His attendant Bakulamalika guessed that He was in love. She asked about the girl Who was able to enchant Him. Srinivasa told the story of Padmavati Who was earlier Vedavati. As Vedavati She acted as Devi Sita and bore the hardships of captivity of Ravana. As a result Srinivasa (as Sri Rama) gave Her the boon that He will accept Her as His wife in the Kali Yuga of the 28th Chaturyugas. She has now taken birth in the city of Narayanapura (as the daughter of Akasaraja). Srinivasa told Bakulamalika about His meeting with Padmavati in the forest. He requested Bakulamalika to go to Narayanapura with the marriage proposal. Bakulamalika asked about the route to Narayanapura. Srinivasa told the route which passes through - Nrisimha cave, Agastyeswara Linga and hermitage of sage Agasta on the bank of river Suvarnamukhari; hermitage of sage Suka inside the forest near Padmasaras lake which is full of lotuses, where Krishna and Balarama abide propitiated by the sage; then crossing river Suvarnamukhari and passing through forests and gardens, reaching the bank of river Arani; finally reaching Narayanapura, which is a beautiful land with gardens laden with various fruit trees and flowering plants. Bakulamalika mounted a red horse and started for Narayanapura.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 6): Padmavati also enchanted by Srinivasa - King Akasaraja consults an astrologer: On the other side at Narayanapura, Padmavati was also enchanted by Srinivasa. She was also in a semi-conscious state lost in His thoughts. The king finding Her unwell consulted an astrologer. The astrologer told that his daughter was in love with an excellent man. That man has deputed a maiden with a proposal which will be conducive for the welfare of the king. The astrologer also suggested to perform the bathing rites of Agastyeswara Linga by brahmanas. The king sent brahmanas and the companions of Padmavati to perform the bathing rites of the Linga.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 6): Queen Dharani consults a Pulindini woman: When the brahmanas and the companions of Padmavati were out to visit Agastyeswara Linga, a Pulindini woman was passing near the palace proclaiming her ability to tell about the past and the future. Queen Dharani called her in and asked her to tell about the future. The queen gave her sufficient food and gifts. The Pulindini woman told the queen that her daughter was in love with a man, hence She is in a depressed condition. She also told that the man is none other than the Primordial Lord Hari. He has met her daughter in the forest and both of them are in love with each other. The princess will get well after they are united.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 5): Bakulamalika meets the companions of Padmavati at Agastyeswara Linga: When the brahmanas and the companions of Padmavati reached the Agastyeswara Linga to perform the bathing rites of the Linga, Bakulamalika (who started from Venkatadri) also reached there. They introduced each other and told about the purpose of each other. Knowing the purpose of arrival of Bakulamalika, the companions of Padmavati took her to queen Dharani.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 7): Bakulamalika meets queen Dharani - King consents to the marriage proposal: Queen Dharani was pleased to meet the divine lady Bakulamalika. After coming to know of her purpose the queen was delighted. She went to the king and both went to Kamalalaya. The king consulted the assembly of ministers. The ministers were also delighted with the proposal and gave their consent for this marriage. The king called Brihaspati, the preceptor of gods to fix and auspicious date for the marriage.

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Marriage of Srinivasa and Padmavati:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 7): Akasaraja calls Brihaspati to fix the date of the marriage: After the assembly of ministers delightfully gave their consent for the marriage, king Akasaraja called Brihaspati, the preceptor of the gods to fix an auspicious date for the marriage. The king suggested that since the native star of Padmavati is Margashirsha and Lord Srinivasa is Shravana, let the marriage take place at the conjunction of these. Brihaspati selected the Uttaraphalguni day of the month of Vaisakha as the auspicious date of the marriage. The king duly honoured Brihaspati and bade him farewell.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 7): Akasaraja sends messenger to intimate Lord Srinivasa about the date of marriage: King Akasaraja then sent Suka, a favourite of queen Dharani, as messenger to intimate Lord Srinivasa about the date of marriage. Bakulamalika and Suka mounted a horse and reached Venkatadri. Suka intimated Srinivasa about the words of Padmavati. Padmavati requested the Lord to accept Her. She said that She always repeats His names, wears His symbols, worships His devotees and follows other rites pleasing to the Lord.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 7): Srinivasa gives a garland for Padmavati: Hearing the words of Suka, Lord Srinivasa gave His message and a garland of forest flowers for Devi Padmavati. The garland was made of basil and was scented with musk. After returning to Narayanapura, Suka told the message of the Lord and gave Her the auspicious garland. Devi Padmavati accepted the garland with Her head bowed down and then placed it on Her head. From then on She waited for the arrival of the Lord on the day of marriage.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 7): Akasaraja started preparations for the marriage with the help of the devas: Akasaraja sent his son Vayu (Vasudana) to bring Indra and other devas (to help in the marriage preparations). The devas extended their services as follows: Vishwakarman decorated the city. Indradeva showered flowers over the city (like rain). Celestial damsels danced. Kubera filled the place with wealth and foodgrains. Yama made the men free from disease. Varuna filled the place with jewels and precious stones. Chandradeva prepared food suitable to be offered to the Lord with his nectarine rays. After making all the arrangements, the devas went to Vrishachala (to accompany the party of the bridegroom). On the day of marriage, queen Dharani adorned her daughter adequately and waited for the bridegroom.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): Devi Lakshmi and other attendents adorn Lord Srinivasa for the marriage: On the day of marriage, Devi Lakshmi and other attendants adorned Lord Srinivasa. They extended their services as follows: Priti (Pleasure) brought sweet-scented oil. Sruti (Vedas) brought silk clothes. Smriti (Code of Conduct) brought ornaments. Dhriti (Fortitude) brought a mirror. Shanti (Peace) brought musk. Sri (Beauty and Prosperity) brought Yakshakardama (a fragrant substance). Kirti (Fame) brought golden headband and crown studded with gems. Indrani held the umbrella. Saraswati and Gauri held the chowries. Jaya and Vijaya held the fans. Sri applied scented oil and peformed the ablution of the Lord with hundred pots of waters from celestial rivers, the golden pots brought by elephants, and the water rendered fragrant with camphor and other substances. Sri fumigated the hairs of the Lord and tied them. She then adorned the Lord with blue silk cloth on the waist, waistbands, coronets, rings and other ornaments. Seeing the mirror the Lord applied the Urdhvapundra (on His forehead).

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): Lord Srinivasa started for Narayanapura as a bridegroom: Then Lord Srinivasa and Devi Lakshmi mounted on Garuda and started for Narayanapuri. They were accompanied by Brahma, Isha, Varuna, Yama, Yakshesha, Vasishtha and other eminent sages, Sanaka and other yogis, and host of devotees and loyal followers. Vishwaksena, Bakulamalika and other celestial attendants followed on chariots, Gandharvas sang and the celestial damsels danced. The celestial musicians played the divine dundhubi drums. The sages recited the swasti mantras. The party reached the city of Akasaraja.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): Devi Padmavati circumambulates the city on elephant Airavata: When king Akasaraja saw the party of the Lord, he made Devi Padmavati sit on elephant Airavata and circumambulate the city. The bride and bridegroom met at the ornamental gateway of the city.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): Lord Srinivasa and Devi Padmavati exchanges garlands: Sitting on their respective vehicles, Lord Srinivasa and Devi Padmavati exchanged garlands. Lord Srinivasa took a garland fro His neck and put around Devi Padmavati. Devi Padmavati in turn took a garland of jasmine and placed on the neck of Lord Srinivasa. They exchanged garlands three times and then got down from their respective vehicles.

Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): The marriage ceremony takes place: Getting down from their respective vehicles, the bride and the bridegroom entered the marriage chamber. Lord Brahma performed all the marriage rites starting with tying the Mangalasutra and ending with Laja homa. The marriage rites continued for four days. Then the devas took leave of Akasaraja.

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Lord Srinivasa stays at Venkatachala after marriage:

Sr Venkateswara Venkatachala Mahatmya (ch 8): Lord Srinivasa returns to Venkatachala after marriage: After the marriage rites were over, Lord Srinivasa along with Devi Lakshmi and Devi Padmavati mounted on Garuda and returned to Vrishabhachala. The devas as well as king Akasaraja accompanied them.

King Akasaraja presents various gifts to bride and bridegroom: At Vrishabhachala king Akasaraja presented various gifts to the bride and bridegroom. The gifts include rice grains in golden pots, hundreds of vessels of green gram, milk, ghee, curd, and fruits like mangoes, plaintains, coconuts etc. He also presented gold and other jewels and silk clothes. He gave ten thousand white horses, hundred elephants, and four thousand women who were expert in music and dancing, and serving in the inner apartments.

Lord Srinivasa gives boon to Akasaraja: Then Lord Srinivasa, highly pleased with Akasaraja told him to ask for a boon. Akasaraja asked the boon of unswerving devotion to His Lotus feet. Lord Srinivasa granted him the boon.

Lord Srinivasa gives boons to the devas: Lord Srinivasa then gave appropriate boons to the devas. The devas joyously returned to their respective abodes. The Lord continued to abide in His abode on the bank of Swami Pushkarini.

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