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Nature - The manifestation of Divinity

1. Mantras & Slokas related to Nature:

Mantras & Slokas from Vedas:

Apah SuktamApah SuktamRig Veda 10.9Sukta from Rig Veda related to Water
Kshetrapati SuktamKshetrapati SuktamRig Veda 4.57Sukta from Rig Veda related to Lord of the Field and Agriculture (Kshetrapati)

Mantras & Slokas from Puranas:

Shakambari (Shatakshi) MahatmyamShakambari (Shatakshi) MahatmyamDevi Bhagavatam 7.28The story of Devi Shakambari (Shatakshi) describing Her manifestation and glories
Krishna & Vrindavana ForestVrindavana ForestSrimad Bhagavatam 10.15Description of the natural beauty of Vrindavana Forest which Sri Krishna enjoyed so much and where He played during boyhood days
Ganga description from RamayanaGanga description from RamayanaValmiki Ramayana 2.5Description of river Ganga where Sri Rama camped at Singaverapura

Mantras & Slokas from Stotras:

Brahma Murari TripurantakariBrahma Murari TripurantakariVamana Purana ch 14.23 - 14.28An early morning prayer to the Tri-Devas, Rishis and Nature
Gange Ca Yamune CaivaGange Ca Yamune Caiva-A prayer to the seven holy rivers during taking bath; invoking their waters to be present
Ganga StotramGanga StotramComposed by Sri Adi ShankaracharyaA stotra composed by Adi Shankara in praise of river Goddess Ganga
Samudra Vasane DeviSamudra Vasane Devi-A prayer asking for forgiveness to Bhu-Devi (Goddess of Earth) for stepping on Her
Shubham Karoti KalyanamShubham Karoti Kalyanam-An evening prayer seeking the auspicious blessings from the Light of Lamp
SuryashtakamSuryashtakam-A prayer to Surya Deva (Sun God) describing His glories
Tulasi StotramTulasi StotramComposed by PundarikaA prayer to Devi Tulasi describing His glories

Nature Associations:

Nature Associations with Deities: Contains Nature Association with Deities from stotras.

Nature Words:

Sanskrit Words on Nature: Contains words from sanskrit stotras related to various natural elements like fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, birds, animals, mountains, rivers, seas, fire, water, wind, earth etc.

2. Poems related to Nature:

(a) Poems of Sri Rabindranath Tagore

Sri Rabindranath Tagore
Poems of Sri Rabindranath Tagore: Experience Nature through the eyes of Rabindranath Tagore.

Contains translation of Rabindra Sangeet (poems of Sri Rabindranath Tagore) with Bengali scripts, English Transliteration and English Translation.

(b) Poems on different elements of Nature

Nature Poems Contains small poems related to different aspects of Nature.

3. Nature Elements:

Nature Elements - Sky
Surya (Sun) सूर्य Surya (Sun) - Various descriptions of Surya (Sun).
Chandra (Moon) चन्द्र Chandra (Moon) - Various descriptions of Chandra (Moon).
Nature Phenomenon - Sky
Megha (Cloud) मेघ Megha (Cloud) - Various descriptions of Megha (Cloud).
Vrishti (Rain) वृष्टि Vrishti (Rain) - Various descriptions of Vrishti (Rain).
Vidyut (Lightning) विद्युत् Vidyut (Lightning) - Various descriptions of Vidyut (Lightning).
Nature Phenomenon - Day & Night
Ushah (Dawn) उषः Ushah (Dawn) - Various descriptions of Ushah (Dawn).
Raatri (Night) रात्रि Raatri (Night) - Various descriptions of Raatri (Night).
Nature Elements - Finer Elements
Agni (Fire) अग्नि Agni (Fire) - Various descriptions of Agni (Fire Element).
Vayu (Wind) वायु Vayu (Air) - Various descriptions of Vayu (Air Element).
Apah (Water) आपः Apah (Water) - Various descriptions of Apah (Water Element).
Prithivi (Earth) पृथिवी Prithivi (Earth) - Various descriptions of Prithivi (Earth Element).
Nature Elements - Various Manifestations
Nadi (River) नदी Nadi (River) - Various descriptions of Nadi (River).
Vriksha (Tree) वृक्ष Vriksha (Tree) - Various descriptions of Vriksha (Tree).
Vana (Forest) वन Vana (Forest) - Various descriptions of Vana (Forest).
Phala (Fruit) फल Phala (Fruit) - Various descriptions of Phala (Fruit).
Shaaka (Vegetable) शाक Shaaka (Vegetable) - Various descriptions of Shaaka (Vegetable).
Pushpa (Flower) पुष्प Pushpa (Flower) - Various descriptions of Pushpa (Flower).
Nature Phenomenon - Seasons
Vasanta (Spring) वसन्त Vasanta (Spring) - Various descriptions of Vasanta (Spring).
Grishma (Summer) ग्रीष्म Grishma (Summer) - Various descriptions of Grishma (Summer).
Varsha (Monsoon) वर्षा Varsha (Monsoon) - Various descriptions of Varsha (Monsoon).
Shisira (Winter) शिशिर Shisira (Winter) - Various descriptions of Shisira (Winter).

4. Nature Parks:

Parks Parks in Chennai: Contains a list of parks in Chennai with pictures and location details. Visit these parks and feel the refreshing touch of Nature.

5. Plant Nurseries:

Plant Nurseries Plant Nurseries in Chennai: Contains a list of plant nurseries in Chennai with location details. If you decide to buy plants, you can locate the nearest plant nursery and visit it.

Plant Nursery Links - India: Contains internet links of plant nurseries. You can order plants online in some of them and get it delivered at your home. You can also browse different types of plants and flowers to decide what to buy.

6. Health & Natural Remedies:

(a) Ayurvedic Clinics:

Ayurvedic Clinics
Ayurvedic Clinics in Chennai: Contains a list of ayurvedic clinics in Chennai with location details.

Ayurvedic Clinic Links: Contains internet links of ayurvedic clinics. You can order ayurvedic medicines online in some of them and get it delivered at your home.

(b) Nutrition in Food:

Health & Remedies
Food Nutrition: Contains nutrient information in various foods.

7. Nature Links:

NatureNature Links-Links related to Nature

8. Nature Books:

NatureNature Books-Books related to Nature

Vedic Vision of Nature:

Vedic Vision of Nature The Vedic seers lived in Nature and were inspired by Her. Nature as a Mother sustained their lives with fruits, vegetables, pure water and air. Nature as a Cosmic Being inspired their minds and hearts with Its vastness and transcendental dimension. The Vedic seers with the simplicity of a child wondered at the phenomenon of Nature - the vast sky, the dawn, the trees, the clouds, the lightning, the rains - they observed these closely and marvelled at them. Through their deep Spiritual Insight they saw a Divine Cosmic Order (Rita) which governed all Life and Nature. The Cosmic Order imparted Nature with its transcendental beauty. The seers spontaneously poured out their visions through succinct poetic expressions, which were so sublime that the boundary between natural beauty and divinity became thin, and appreciation of Nature became worship of Nature. Elements of Nature were seen as divinities to whom the seers prayed for their sustenance. Nature as a whole was like the consort of the Virat Purusha (Cosmic Being). Within that Cosmic Order a great Yajna or cycle of exchange is going on continuously, as if the Virat Purusha is being worshipped by offerings within these exchanges.

ॠत (Rita): The Cosmic Order
Rita or the Cosmic Order

The Three Divisions of the Universe:
द्यौ (Dyau): The Heaven or Sky
अन्तरिक्ष (Antariksha): The Intermediate Space
वायु (Vayu): Air
पृथिवी (Prithivi): The Earth
अग्नि (Agni): Fire
आप (Apa): Water
औषध (Ausadha): Herbs, Plants

Yajna or Sacrificial offering to the Cosmic Being
यज्ञ (Yajna or Yagya): Sacrificial offering to the Cosmic Being

Nature Events:

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Indian Seasons - ऋतु (Ritu):

Spring season Summer season Monsoon season Autumn season Pre Winter season Winter season
Spring Summer Monsoon Autumn Pre Winter Winter
(Mar - Apr)
(May - Jun)
(Jul - Aug)
(Sep - Oct)
(Nov - Dec)
(Jan - Feb)
(Apr - May)
(Jun - Jul)
(Aug - Sep)
(Oct - Nov)
(Dec - Jan)
(Feb - Mar)
- Rama Navami

- Hanuman Jayanti

- Parashurama Jayanti

- Ganga Saptami

- Sita Navami

- Narasimha Jayanti

- Ganga Dussehra

- Jagannatha Ratha Yatra

- Guru Poornima

- Varahalakshmi Vrata

- Gayatri Japam

- Krishna Janmashthami

- Ganesh Chaturthi

- Rishi Panchami

- Ananta Chaturdasi

- Sharadiya Navaratri

- Kojagori Lakshmi Puja

- Deepavali

- Skanda Shasthi

- Tulasi Vivaha

- Karthika Poornima

- Vaikuntha Ekadasi

- Arudra Darshanam

- Makara Sankranti

- Vasanta Pancami

- Ratha Saptami

- Maha Shivaratri

(Note: Date ranges are approx values. Month names vary across different calendars.)

Green Corner:

Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
May there be Peace in the Sky,
May there be Peace in the Earth,
May there be Peace in the Water,
May there be Peace in the Plants,
May there be Peace in the Trees,
May there be Peace in the Gods in the various Worlds,
May there be Peace in Brahman,
May there be Peace in All,
May there be Peace Indeed within Peace,
Giving Me the Peace which Grows within Me,
Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.

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