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Devi Parvati about Trees - In sanskrit with meaning

- From Matsya Purana 154.506 to 154.512

Devi Parvati about Trees (Dasha Putra Samo Drumah)
Devi Parvati
Devi Parvati

पुनः सा क्रीडनं चक्रे पुत्रार्थं वरवर्णिनी
मनोज्ञंमकुरं रूढमशोकस्य शुभानना ॥१॥
Punah Saa Kriiddanam Cakre Putra-Artham Vara-Varnninii |
Manojnyam-Makuram Ruuddham-Ashokasya Shubha-[A]ananaa ||1||

(After Her Divine Play of producing Ganesha from the dust of Her Body and assigning Him as the Lord of the Ganas)
1.1: Once again She played Her Divine Play for the purpose of getting another Son; She Who is of excellent Complexion now ...
1.2: ... planted an excellent Bud (or Sapling) of Ashoka Tree; She, of Auspicious Face (tended it like a Son),


Devi Parvati

वर्द्धयामास तं चापि कृतसंस्कारमंगला
बृहस्पतिमुखैर्विप्रर्दिवस्पतिपुरोगमैः ॥२॥
Varddhayaamaasa Tam Ca-Api Krta-Samskaara-Mangalaa |
Brhaspati-Mukhair-Viprar-Divas-Pati-Purogamaih ||2||

2.1: That (Sapling) grew as She tended it with care (like a Son); She Who is of Auspicious Nature (thus set an example for mankind),
2.2: (Once) with Brihaspati in front, the Vipras (Sages) (were going); With the Lord of Heaven (i.e. Brihaspati) leading them (they came there),


Devi Parvati

ततो देवैश्च मुनिभिः प्रोक्ता देवी त्विदं वचः
भवानि भवती भव्या सम्भूता लोकभूतये ॥३॥
Tato Devaish-Ca Munibhih Proktaa Devii Tvi[u-I]dam Vacah |
Bhavaani Bhavatii Bhavyaa Sambhuutaa Loka-Bhuutaye ||3||

3.1: In that place, the divine Sages told Her: Devi, Please tell this,
3.2: O Bhavani, You have manifested for the well-being of the World,


Devi Parvati

प्रायः सुतफलो लोकः पुत्रपौत्रेश्च लभ्यते
अपुत्राश्च प्रजाः प्रायो दृश्यन्ते दैवहेतवः ॥४॥
Praayah Suta-Phalo Lokah Putra-Pautresh-Ca Labhyate |
Aputraash-Ca Prajaah Praayo Drshyante Daiva-Hetavah ||4||

4.1: Mostly, the World loves the fruit of Son, and to obtain Sons and Grandsons (become the aim of life of common man),
4.2: The Persons without Son for the most part are seen taking recourse to the Divine (to get a Son),


Devi Parvati

अधुना दर्शिते मार्गे मर्यादां कर्तुमर्हसि
फलं किं भाविता देवि कल्पितैस्तरुपुत्रकैः
इत्युक्ता हर्षपूर्णाङ्गी प्रोवाचोमा शुभां गिरम् ॥५॥
Adhunaa Darshite Maarge Maryaadaam Kartum-Arhasi |
Phalam Kim Bhaavitaa Devi Kalpitais-Taru-Putrakaih |
Ityu[i-U]ktaa Harssa-Puurnna-Anggii Pro[a-U]vaaco[a-U]maa Shubhaam Giram ||5||

5.1: Now, you have exhibited in this path, a Maryada (Moral Custom) to perform to deserve merit,
5.2: (So) What is the fruit, O Devi, (accruing to one) who considers a Tree as a Son (and tends it?)
5.3: (Then) Thus said the One (i.e. Devi Parvati) Whose Body was filled with Joy; Thus said Uma the following Auspicious Words,


Devi Parvati

एवं निरुदके देशे यः कूपं कारयेद्बुधः
बिन्दौ बिन्दौ तोयस्य वसेत्संवत्सरं दिवि ॥६॥
Evam Nir-Udake Deshe Yah Kuupam Kaarayed-Budhah |
Bindau Bindau Ca Toyasya Vaset-Samvatsaram Divi ||6||

6.1: The Devi said:
6.2: Like, he, the wise man, who digs a Kupa (Well) in a place where there is no Water ...
6.3: ... (and by its merit) Stays in Heaven for as many years as the drops of Water in it (i.e. for many many years), ...


Devi Parvati

दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः
दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्रसमोद्रुमः
एषैव मम मर्यादा नियता लोकभाविनी ॥७॥
Dasha-Kuupa-Samaa Vaapii Dasha-Vaapii-Samo Hradah |
Dasha-Hrada-Samah Putro Dasha-Putra-Samo-Drumah |
Essai[a-E]va Mama Maryaadaa Niyataa Loka-Bhaavinii ||7||

7.1: ... (Similarly) (the merit of digging) a Vapi (Pond) is equal to (the merit of digging) Ten Kupas (Wells);
(The merit of digging) a Hrada (Lake) is equal to (the merit of digging) Ten Vapis (Ponds),
7.2: (The merit of rearing) a Putra (Son) (a good son who will do good to the world) is equal to (the merit of digging) Ten Hradas (Lakes),
(And) (The merit of planting) a Druma (Tree) (and bringing it up) is equal to (the merit of rearing) Ten Putras (Sons) (because a Tree provides enormous benefits to mankind throughout its life, and most of it are unseen),
7.3: This indeed is my Maryada (Moral Custom set for others to follow) which I established for the welfare of the World.


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Translated by greenmesg

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