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Neelakantheswarar Temple, Gerugambakkam, Chennai suburb (நீலகண்டேஸ்வரர்)

Gerugambakkam Neelakantheswarar Temple Gerugambakkam Neelakantheswarar Temple


The Neelakantheswarar Temple is located in Gerugambakkam, Chennai suburb. Gerugambakkam is around 3 km from Porur on the Kundrathur Road.


The Neelakantheswarar Temple is dedicated to Sri Shiva as Neelakantheswarar and Divine Mother Shakti as Adi Kamakshi.

A Ketu Sthalam:

The famous Navagraha Sthalam of Ketu in South India is the Nagannathaswamy Temple at Keezhaperumpallam near Poompuhar. In Chennai the Gerugambakkam Neelakantheswarar Temple is the Ketu Sthalam.

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