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Lineage of Sri Rama

Sri Rama 1. Changeless Brahma
2. Marichi begotten from Brahma
3. Kashyapa, the son of Marichi
4. Vivasvan or Sun-god, begotten from Kashyapa
5. Manu, the son of Vivasvan
6. Ikshvaku, the son of Manu and first king of Ayodhya
7. Kukshi, the son of Ikshvaku
8. Vikukshi, the son of Kukshi
9. Bana, son of Vikukshi
10. Anaranya, son of Bana
11. Prithu, son of Anaranya
12. Trishanku, son of Prithu
13. Dhundhumara, son of Trishanku
14. Yuvanashva, son of Dhundhumara and a charioteer
15. Mandhata, son of Yuvanashva
16. Susandhi, son of Mandhata
17. Dhruvasandhi, son of Susandhi
18. Bharata, son of Dhruvasandhi
19. Asita, son of Bharata
20. Sagara, son of Asita, whose birth is associated with poison
21. Asamanja, son of Sagara
22. Amshuman, son of Asamanja
23. Dilipa, son of Amshuman
24. Bhagiratha, son of Dilipa
25. Kakustha, son of Bhagiratha
26. Raghu, son of Kakustha
27. Pravriddha, son of Raghu
28. Shankhana, son of Pravriddha
29. Sudarshana, son of Shankhana
30. Agnivarna, son of Sudarshana
31. Shighragah, son of Agnivarna
32. Maru, son of Shighragah
33. Prashushruka, son of Maru
34. Ambarisha, son of Prashushruka
35. Nahusha, son of Ambarisha
36. Yayati, son of Nahusha
37. Nabhaga, son of Yayati
38. Aja, son of Nabhaga
39. Dasharatha, son of Aja
40. Sri Rama, son of Dasharatha

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Bala Kanda - 70)

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