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Pilgrimages and Temples of Assam

1. Pilgrimages and Temples by Deities:

  1. Vishnu: Kurma Temple (Kamrup district): On the foothills of the Ashwakranta hillock.
  2. Vishnu: Ashwakranta or Ashwaklanta Temple (Kamrup district)
    - The horses of Sri Krishna are said to have rested here.
  3. Vishnu: Janardhan Temple (Kamrup district)
  4. Vishnu: Pandunath Temple (Kamrup district): Located on Varaha Parvata.
    - Lord Vishnu killed demons Madhu and Kaitabha placing them on his lap. The Pandavas came here and prayed to Devi Kamakhya for victory in the battle.
  5. Hayagriva: Hayagriva Madhava Temple (Kamrup district): Situated on the Manikuta Parvata.
    - Lord Vishnu killed demons Jwarasura, Hayasura and others when sage Aurva prayed to him for their harassment.
  1. Shiva: Umananda Temple (Kamrup district): Located on island Shailadwipa (on Brahmaputra) on the Umananda Hill which was known in ancient times as Bhashmachala Bhashmakuta.
    - Bhairava of Devi Kamrup Kamakhya. (Peetha Nirnaya Tantra)
  2. Shiva: Manikarneshwar Temple (Kamrup district): Located on Manishaila Hill near the Umananda Hill. River Brahmaputra flows in the foothills.
  3. Shiva: Sukreshwar Temple (Kamrup district)
    - Sukracharya founded this Shiva Lingam.
  4. Shiva: Baneshwar Temple (Kamrup district)
  1. Parvati: Kamrup - Devi Kamakhya Temple (Kamrup district): A Shakti Peetha [Kamagiri Shakti Peetha] (SP-17)
    - Where the Yoni (Generative Organ) of Devi had fallen. (Peetha Nirnaya Tantra)
  2. Parvati: Devi Ugratara Temple (Kamrup district)
  1. Others: Urvashi Kunda (Kamrup district): Located in the Umananda Island.
  2. Others: Navagrahas Temple (Kamrup district): Located on the Chitrachal Hill.

2. Pilgrimages and Temples by Sages:

  1. Vasistha: Vasistha or Basistha Ashram (Kamrup district): Located on the Sandhyachala Hill where stream Vasistha Ganga flows (which is a combination of streams Sandhya, Lalita and Klanta).
    - Sage Vasistha regained his form after performing penance here worshipping Lord Vishnu. Sage Vasistha lost his form due to a curse of king Nimi and performed penance with a form created by Lord Brahma.
  2. Arundhati: Arundhati Shila (Kamrup district): Located a little further from the Basistha Ashram.

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