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Ashta Vinayakas

Ashta Vinayakas are eight incarnations of Lord Ganesha for fulfilling specific purposes. These incarnations are mentioned in Ganesha Purana. The sacred places corresponding to these incarnations form the Ashta Vinayaka kshetras.

Refer to Ashtavinayaka Sloka

Morgaon Mayureshwar temple, Pune district, Maharashtra 1. Morgaon - Mayureshwar
- Where Sri Ganesha killed demon Sindhu riding on a Mayura (Peacock).
- Morgaon - Mayureshwar Temple (Pune district, Maharashtra)

Siddhatek Siddhi Vinayak temple, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra 2. Siddhatek - Siddhi Vinayak
- Where Sri Ganesha blessed Lord Vishnu to be successful in the battle against demons Madhu and Kaitabha.
- Siddhatek - Siddhi Vinayak Temple (Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra)

Pali Ballaleshwar temple, Raigad district, Maharashtra 3. Pali - Ballaleshwar
- Where Sri Ganesha saved His boy-devotee Ballala when he was severely beaten up by his father for being engrossed in His worship.
- Pali - Ballaleshwar Temple (Raigad district, Maharashtra)

Mahad Varad Vinayak temple, Raigad district, Maharashtra 4. Mahad - Varad Vinayak
- Where Sri Ganesha blessed sage Grutsamad when the sage meditated on Him and underwent a long penance.
- Mahad - Varad Vinayak Temple (Raigad district, Maharashtra)

Theur Chintamani Vinayak temple, Pune district, Maharashtra 5. Theur - Chintamani Vinayak
- Where Sri Ganesha killed Gana in a battle and returned the Chintamani jewel to sage Kapila.
- Theur - Chintamani Vinayak Temple (Pune district, Maharashtra)

Lenyadri Girijatmak temple, Pune district, Maharashtra 6. Lenyadri - Girijatmak
- Where Sri Ganesha granted the boon to Devi Parvati to be born as her son.
- Lenyadri - Girijatmak Temple (Pune district, Maharashtra)

Ozar Vigneshwar temple, Pune district, Maharashtra 7. Ozar - Vigneshwar
- Where Sri Ganesha defeated demon Vignashura and checked his atrocities.
- Ozar - Vigneshwar Temple (Pune district, Maharashtra)

Ranjangaon Mahaganapati temple, Pune district, Maharashtra 8. Ranjangaon - Mahaganapati
- Where Sri Ganesha blessed Lord Shiva to be successful in the battle against demon Tripura.
- Ranjangaon - Mahaganapati Temple (Pune district, Maharashtra)

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