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Kheer Bhawani

Kheer Bhawani, Ganderbal district, Jammu and KashmirMeditation: I meditate on the sacred temple of Kheer Bhawani where Swami Vivekananda had a divine experience.

Kheer Bhawani: Kheer Bhawani is a sacred spring which is worshipped as goddess Ragnya Devi. Thousands of devotees offer milk and kheer to this sacred spring, hence it is called Kheer Bhawani.

Divine experience of Swami Vivekananda: Swami Vivekananda had a divine experiences in the Kheer Bhawani temple. One day he was distressed thinking about the desecration of this temple by muslim invaders. He thought - "If I had been here then, I would never have allowed such a thing. I would have laid down my life to protect the Mother". Thereupon he heard the voice of the Mother, "What if unbelievers should enter my temple and defile my image? What is that to you? Do you protect me, or do I protect you?".

Another day when Swamiji was thinking about rebuilding the dilapidated temple, He heard the Mother saying - "My child, If I so wish I can have innumerable temples and monastic centres. I can even this moment raise a seven-storied golden temple on this very spot".

• Kheer Bhawani temple is located in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir.

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