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Badami - Devi Banashankari Temple

Devi Banashankari temple, Badami, Bagalkot district, Karnataka Devi Banashankari temple, Badami, Bagalkot district, KarnatakaMeditation: I meditate on Devi Banashankari abiding in Badami.

Badami: Badami has the famous temple of Devi Banashankari located in the Tilakaranya forest.

Devi Banashankari: The idol of the Goddess is made of black stone. The Goddess is depicted as sitting on a lion and trampling a demon under Her foot. The Goddess has eight arms. Seven of the arms hold trishul (trident), damaru (hand drum), kapalpatra (skull cap), ghanta (war bell), Vedic scriptures, khadga (sword) and kheta (shield).

Festival: The annual festival of the temple is called Banashankari jatre which is held in the months of Jan / Feb. The festival includes a boat festival and Ratha Yatra.

• Badami Banashankari Temple is located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka.

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