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Udupi Krishna temple, Udupi district, Karnataka Udupi Krishna temple, Udupi district, KarnatakaMeditation: I meditate on Lord Krishna abiding in the Mukti Sthala of Udupi.

Udupi: Udupi is a famous pilgrimage of Sri Krishna. It is a Mukti Sthalas of Karnataka. Udupi also has the ancient temples of Chandramouleshwara and Anantheswara which predates the Sri Krishna temple. Udupa means Moon. The name Udupi is derived from the legend associated with the Chandramouleshwara temple.

Temple of Chandramouleshwara: According to legend, Sri Chandra Deva performed penance here (near Chandra Pushkarini) and worshipped Lord Shiva (Chandramouleshwara) to get release from the curse of Daksha Prajapati. Lord Shiva appeared here and released Chandra Deva from the curse. Udupa means Moon, and the name of the place Udupi refers to this incident.

Temple of Anantheswara: This temple is situated near the Chandramouleshwara temple. Parents of Sri Madhavacharya is said to have worshipped this deity continuously for 12 years to beget a child. Also Sri Madhavacharya is said to have been initiated by Sri Achyuta Prajna in this temple. • Temple of Sri Krishna: According to legend the idol of Sri Krishna in Udupi was installed by Sri Madhavacharya. The idol of Bala Krishna was an ancient idol worshipped by Devi Rukmini at Dwaraka in the Dwapara Yuga. After Dwaraka was submerged in the sea, this idol lay hidden covered by "Gopi Chandana" (A white mud sacred to the Vaishnavas). A ship passing through Dwaraka picked up this heap of mud (along with the concealed idol) as ballast for the ship. When the ship came to Vadabhandeshwara at Udupi, it got caught up in a heavy storm. In that moment Madhavacharya stopped the storm through his powers and saved the ship. The captain was grateful and requested the acharya to take anything from the ship as a token of gratitude. The acharya prompted by intuition selected the heap of mud concealing the idol. The acharya restored the idol by washing off the mud in a tank now known as Madhava Sarovara. With great joy he installed the idol in a small temple near the ancient Chandramouleshwara temple. During this occasion the acharya composed the Dwadasha Stotra in praise of the Lord. • Udupi Sri Krishna temple is located in the Udupi district of Karnataka.

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