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Guruvayur - Guruvayurappan Temple

Sri Krishna temple, Guruvayur, Thrissur district, Kerala Sri Krishna temple, Guruvayur, Thrissur district, KeralaMeditation: I meditate on Sri Guruvayurappan of Guruvayur.

Guruvayur: Guruvayur is a famous pilgrimage of Sri Krishna popularly known as Sri Guruvayurappan.

Guru and Vayu selecting temple site: According to legend, the ancient idol of Guruvayurappan was worshipped by Lord Brahma in Dwarka. When Dwarka was submerged and Sri Krishna decided to leave His mortal body at Prabhasa Kshetra, He gave this idol to His devotee Uddhava. Uddhava sought the help of Guru (the preceptor of gods) and Vayu (the wind god) to find a holy place to install the idol. Searching for a holy place, they entered the land of Kerala created by Parashurama. They came to Rudra Tirtha, a beautiful lake of lotus flowers where Shiva and Parvati were staying. By their blessings the idol of Sri Krishna was installed near the lake. Since Uddhava sought the help of Guru and Vayu in selecting the temple site, the place came to be known as Guruvayupura and Sri Krishna is lovingly called Sri Guruvayurappan.

• Guruvayur is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

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