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Tuljapur - Devi Tulja Bhavani

Devi Tulja Bhavani temple, Tuljapur, Osmanabad district, Maharashtra Devi Tulja Bhavani temple, Tuljapur, Osmanabad district, MaharashtraMeditation: I meditate on Devi Tulja Bhavani abiding in Tuljapur.

Tuljapur: Tuljapur is a famous pilgrimage of Devi Tulja Bhavani. Tuljapur is associated with the legend of Devi Tulja Bhavani protecting Anubhuti from demon Kukoor.

- Devi Tulja Bhavani protecting Anubhuti: Devi Tulja Bhavani temple is a famous temple of Maharashtra. According to legend during Krita Yuga there was a brahmin named Kardam who was well-versed in the Vedas. He had a devoted wife named Anubhuti. However as fate had it, Kardam passed away plunging Anubhuti in a sea of grief. She decided to perform Sati and immolate herself but an ethereal voice prevented her and asked her to take care of her small son. Anubhuti discharged her duties and brought up the son as a self-dependent young man. Then she severed the ties of the world and as a sanyasa went to perform penance in Mount Meru. One day the demon king Kukoor saw her and became charmed by her beauty. He told her to marry him but when rebuffed by Anubhuti started using his force to take her away. Anubhuti prayed to the Goddess in that distress. The Devi Bhavani appeared before her and a terrific battle ensued with the demon king. Finally Devi killed the demon. She then told Anubhuti to ask for a boon. Anubhuti asked the boon that she should be able to see and worship Her whenever she desired. Granting the boon the Devi made Her abode at Yamunachala (in the Sahyadri mountains). When Sri Rama was searching for Devi Sita, Goddess Bhavani also blessed Him.

• Tuljapur Tulja Bhavani temple is located in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra.

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