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Eklingji temple, Udaipur district, Rajasthan Eklingji temple, Udaipur district, RajasthanMeditation: I meditate on the four-faced form of Lord Shiva as Sri Eklingji of Kailashpuri.

Eklingji: Eklingji is a temple complex at a place called Kailashpuri which has a famous temple of Lord Shiva popularly called Sri Eklingji. It was built in 734 AD by Bappa Rawal but renovated several times after that. The temple complex of Eklingji is comprised of 108 temples. The main idol is that of Shiva made of black marble which has four faces and is around 50 feet high. The east-facing face is that of Surya, the west-facing face is that of Brahma, the north-facing face is that of Vishnu and the south-facing face is that of Rudra. The image is garlanded by a beautiful silver snake.

• Eklingji temple is located in the Udaipur district of Rajasthan.

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