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Thirukalvanur Divya Desam - Adivaraha Perumal Temple

Sri VishnuMeditation: I meditate on Sri Adivaraha Perumal and Sri Anjilaivalli Nachiyar Thayar in Thirukalvanur Divya Desam.

Greatness: Thirukalvanur is a Divya Desam. It is the 54th Divya Desam and is located in Thondai Nadu. It is situated within the Kamakshi Temple of Kanchipuram. The name Thirukalvanur is derived from Kalva meaning thief in Tamil, because Devi Lakshmi lovingly addressed the Lord as Kalva when he secretly came to meet her at the Kanchi Kamakshi temple.
- Perumal is in Standing posture facing West.
- Pratyaksham: Ashwattha Narayanan
- Mangalasasanam: Thirumangai Alvar (1 Pasuram)
- Vimanam: Vamana Vimanam
- Pushkarini: Nithya Pushkarini

Puranic Events:

1. Devi Parvati & Devi Lakshmi: Devi Lakshmi came to Kanchi Kamakshi temple. She abides there and blesses the devotees.
- Brief story: During the samudra manthana (churning of the milky ocean), the halahala poison darkened the hue of Lord Vishnu who was present there as Kurma Avatara bearing the Mandara mountain on his back. As destined by Leela, Devi Lakshmi slighted the Lord for his dark hue (perhaps jokingly); and in turn the Lord cursed the goddess to lose her beauty. Devi Lakshmi prayed to Devi Kamakshi of Kanchipuram. Devi Kamakshi told her to stay at the Gayatri mandapam of the temple; where in due course her beauty will be regained when the devotees offer kumkuma to her from the Kamakshi shrine (and in return she blesses the devotees). Devi Lakshmi thus regained her beauty in course of time.

2. Lord Vishnu & Devi Lakshmi: Lord Vishnu came to Kanchi Kamakshi temple and met Devi Lakshmi.
- Brief story: When Devi Lakshmi left for Kanchipuram, Lord Vishnu started searching for Devi her and secretly came to the Gayatri mandapam of the Kamakshi temple. The goddess recognised him and lovingly called her as Kalva (meaning thief). The name of the Divya Desam is thus called Thirukalvanur.

- Adivaraha Perumal: The Image of Sri Adivaraha Perumal in Standing posture facing West.
- Anjilaivalli Nachiyar: The Image of Sri Anjilaivalli Nachiyar.

Sacred Geography:
- Nithya Pushkarini: Pushkarini of the temple.

Location: Thirukalvanur is located in Kanchipuram in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. This is in Thondai Nadu. The temple can be visited from Kanchipuram (within Kanchipuram city).

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