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Thirunilathingal Thundam Divya Desam - Nilathingal Thundatha Perumal Temple

Sri VishnuMeditation: I meditate on Sri Nilathingal Thundatha Perumal (or Sri Chandrachuda Perumal) and Sri Ner Oruvarilla Valli Thayar in Thirunilathingal Thundam Divya Desam.

Greatness: Thirunilathingal Thundam is a Divya Desam. It is the 49th Divya Desam and is located in Thondai Nadu. Nila means Moon. The meaning of the name Thirunilathingal Thundam is derived from the association of the Lord with the Moon, where the Lord is comforted by the cool rays of the Moon. This Divya Desam is located inside the Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple
- Perumal is in Standing posture facing West.
- Pratyaksham: Shivan
- Mangalasasanam: Thirumangai Alvar (1 Pasuram)
- Vimanam: Purusha Sukta Vimanam (Surya Vimanam)
- Pushkarini: Chandra Pushkarini

Puranic Events:

1. Lord Vishnu & Chandra deva: The Moon (Chandra) comforted the Lord with its cool rays during Samudra Manthana.
- Brief story: During the Samudra Manthana (churning of the ocean) by the Devas and Daityas (which was presided by the Lord), the first thing to emerge was the devastating halahala poison. According to one legend, it is said that the cool rays of the Moon gave comfort to the Lord during that time (hence the word Nila signifying Moon got associated with the name of the Lord).

2. Lord Vishnu & Devi Parvati: Devi Parvati performed penance at Kancipuram. The Lord protected the penance from flood waters. The Moon comforted the Lord with its cool rays.
- Brief story: Once Devi Parvati in fun closed the two eyes of Lord Shiva (which were the Sun and the Moon) due to which the entire world was engulfed in darkness. Lord Shiva told the Devi to perform penance at Kanchipuram to atone this act. Devi Parvati incarnated as a child and was brought up by sage Katyayana at Badarikasharama. So she is known as Katyayani. Sage Katyayana knew the purpose of her advent. So when she grew up, he send her to Kanchipuram to perform penance giving her the necessary items like kamandalu, rosary etc. Devi Parvati performed severe penance under a mango tree at Kanchipuram by worshipping a Parthiva Lingam. To test her, Lord Shiva sent the waters of river Ganges from his matted hairs to wash off the penance site. Lord Vishnu then assumed a Vishwaroopa form and protected the penance from the flood waters. The Lord told the Devi to embrace the Lingam and protect it from getting dissolved. Lord Shiva became pleased. When Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Vishwaroopa, the rays of the Moon is said to have fallen directly on his throat due to which he is called Nilathingal Thundathan.

- Nilathingal Thundatha Perumal: The Image of Sri Nilathingal Thundatha Perumal is in Standing posture facing West. There is no Utsavar Image.
- Ner Oruvarilla Valli Thayar: The Image of Sri Ner Oruvarilla Valli Thayar.

Sacred Geography:
- Chandra Pushkarini: Pushkarini of the temple

Location: Thirunilathingal Thundam is located in Kanchipuram in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. This is in Thondai Nadu. The temple can be visited from Kanchipuram (within Kanchipuram city). This Divya Desam is located inside the Kanchi Ekambareshwarar Temple of Kanchipuram.

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