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Thirupadagam Divya Desam - Pandavadoota Perumal

Sri KrishnaMeditation: I meditate on Sri Pandavadoota Swamy at Thirupadagam who showed the Vishwaroopa form in the court of Duryodhana as the emissary of the Pandavas.

Thirupadagam Divya Kshetra: Thirupadagam is a Divya Desam whose glory was sung by Bhootathalvar, Peyalvar, Namalvar and Thirumangai Alvar. Thirupadagam is situated near the Ekambareswarar temple of Kanchipuram. The name Thirupadagam is derived from Thiru Pada Agam in Tamil which means Divine (Thiru) Huge (Pada) Place of stay (Agam). This represents the Vishwaroopa form which the Lord assumed as the emissary of the Pandavas in the court of Duryodhana. The Huge Place of Stay signifies his huge form which could not be captured by the small power of Duryodhana. The Lord here is known as Pandavadoota. Pandava are the five Pandavas and Doota means Messenger. This is the form which the Lord assumed as the messenger of the Pandavas.

Vision of Pandavadoota form: Sage Hareeta and Janamejaya (grandson of Arjuna) undertook severe penance at Thirupadagam to get the vision of the Lord as Pandavadoota. Lord Krishna granted their prayers and showed them that form here.

Image: The image of Lord Krishna here is 25 feet high, most probably to represent his Vishwaroopa form. The image is in sitting posture, facing east.

• Thirupadagam is located in Kanchipuram in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu.

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