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Kashi, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh Vishwanath temple, Kashi, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh Devi Vishalakshi, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh Kashi Annapoorna, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh Kashi Kalabhairava, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh Ganga Aarti, Kashi, Varanasi district, Uttar PradeshMeditation: I meditate on Lord Shiva establishing Kashi in the mortal world by placing it from his trident; and subsequently abiding in Kashi (Vishwanath) for the welfare of all.
(Shiva Purana - Koti Rudra Samhita 22)

Kashi: Kashi is an ancient pilgrimage of Lord Shiva who is worshipped here as Lord Vishwanath (The Lord of the universe). The ancient city of Kashi is mentioned in various Puranas. Kashi is a Moksha Puri, Jyotirlinga as well as a Shakti Peetha. Kashi is situated on the bank of the holy river Ganga. Every evening Ganga Arati is held in Kashi. Hence Kashi is also a holy pilgrimage of river Ganga.

Moksha Puri: Kashi is one of the seven Moksha Puris (Mathura, Ayodhya, Mayapuri, Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika and Dwarka).

Vishwanath Jyotirlinga: Vishwanath temple of Kashi is a Jyotirlinga identified with the Vishwanath Jyotirlinga mentioned in Shiva Purana - Koti Rudra Samhita 22.

Varanasi Shakti Peetha: Devi Vishalakshi temple of Kashi is a Shakti Peetha identified with the Varanasi Shakti Peetha mentioned in the Peetha Nirnaya Tantra.

Devi Annapoorna: Devi Annapoorna temple of Kashi is located near the Kashi Vishwanath temple in the Vishwanath lane. Devi Annapoorna is the Goddess of food. Food is served to all devotees daily as prasad in the temple.

Sri Kalabhairava: Sri Kalabhairava temple of Kashi is located in the Visheshwarganj in Kashi, around a km away from the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Kalabhairava is a fearsome aspect of Shiva associated with kala or death. He is considered as the kotwal (guardian angel) of Varanasi.

Ganga Arati: Kashi is the place where the holy river Ganga flows. The famous Ganga Arati is held in Kashi every evening in the Dashashwamedh Ghat.

• Kashi is located in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh.

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