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Qualities of Sri Rama

Sri Rama 1. Virtuous: गुणवान् (Gunavan): Who is Virtuous
2. Valorous: वीर्यवान् (Viryavan): Who is Valorous
3. Knower of Dharma: धर्मज्ञ (Dharmagya): Who is the knower of Dharma
4. Doer of Good Deeds: कृतज्ञ (Krtagya): Who is the doer of Good Deeds (according to Dharma)
5. Truthful: सत्यवाक्य (Satyavakya): Who is the speaker of Truth
6. Firm in Vows: दृढव्रत (Dridhavrata): Who is firm in his Vows
7. Endowed with Character: चारित्रेण युक्त (Catritrena Yukta): Who by Character is united (with Dharma)
8. Disposed towards Welfare of all: सर्वभूतेषु हितः (Sarvabhuteshu Hitah): Who is disposed towards the Welfare of all beings
9. Learned: विद्वान् (Vidvan): Who is Learned
10. Capable of upholding Dharma: समर्थ (Samartha): Who is Capable (in upholding Dharma)
11. Graceful: प्रियदर्शन (Priyadarshana): Who has a Graceful and Pleasant appearance
12. Self-Composed: आत्मवान् (Aatmavan): Who is Self-Composed
13. Free of Anger: जितक्रोध (Jitakrodha): Who has conquered Anger
14. Effulgent: द्युतिमान् (Dyutiman): Who is Effulgent (filled with the Effulgence of Aatman)
15. Free of Envy: अनसूयक (Anasuyaka): Who is not Envious
16. Whom even Devas Fear: बिभ्यति देवाः (Bibhyati Devah): Whom even the Devas Fear

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Bala Kanda - 1)

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
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