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Slaying of the armies of Mahishasura

(Ref: Devi Mahatmyam - 2)

Devi ParvatiMeditation: I meditate on Devi Chandika who fought with the armies of Mahishasura in the battlefield; the armies who surrounded Her with millions of chariots, elephants, horses and foot-soldiers; and swiftly vanquished them manifesting Her tremendous power.

Devi entering the battlefield and challenging Mahishasura: Then the Devi entered the battlefield and challenged Mahishasura with a loud roar and deafening laughter. It reverberated all around. It shook the worlds, trembled the seas and rocked the mountains. Her footsteps bent the earth, Her diadem scraped the sky and the twang of Her bow-string shook the nether-worlds. The sages bowed down and extolled Her. Mahishasura saw the Devi pervading the three quarters with Her lustre, spreading Her thousand arms holding weapons which illumined the sky.

Armies of Mahishasura surrounding the Devi: Then the armies of Mahishasura consisting of millions of chariots, elephants, horses and foot-soldiers surrounded the Devi in the battlefield. Generals of Mahishasura like Cikshura, Camara, Udagra, Asiloman, Bashkala etc. lead those armies ready to fight with the Devi with their various weapons.

Devi Chandika destroying the armies of Mahishasura: A fierce battle ensued between Devi Chandika and the armies of Mahishasura. The asuras showered their weapons on Her. Devi Chandika with Her own weapons easily cut those to pieces. Her lion fell upon the enemies like a forest fire and started destroying them. The Devi heaved sighs which created thousands of Her own soldiers who started fighting against the enemies. Then the Devi with Her own weapons started vanquishing the enemies swiftly, rendering some one-armed, some one-eyed and some headless. The lion of the Devi accompanied Her in extinguishing the vital breaths of the enemies with thundering roars. In no time the armies of Mahishasura was destroyed.

The devas eulogizing Devi Chandika: Seeing Devi Chandika destroy the armies of Mahishasura, the devas eulogized Her from heaven and showered flowers on Her.

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