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Slaying of Mahishasura

(Ref: Devi Mahatmyam - 3)

Devi ParvatiMeditation: I meditate on Devi Chandika Who slayed the valiant generals of Mahishasura one by one in the battlefield; Who then slayed Mahishasura in the great battle; that Mahishasura who took different forms - from buffalo to lion, to man, to elephant and buffalo again.

Slaying demons Cikshura and Camara: Devi Chandika slayed demon Cikshura with Her pike and Her lion slayed demon Camara with a blow of its paw.

Slaying demons Udagra and Karala: Devi Chandika slayed demon Udagra with stones and demon Karala with fist.

Slaying demons Uddhata and Baskala: Devi Chandika slayed demons Uddhata with Her club and demon Baskala with Her dart.

Slaying demons Tamra and Andhaka: Devi Chandika slayed demon Tamra with Her arrows and demon Andhaka also with Her arrows.

Slaying demons Ugrasya, Ugravirya and Mahahanu: Devi Chandika slaying demons Ugrasya, Ugravirya and Mahahanu with Her trident.

Slaying demons Bidala, Durdhara and Durmukha: Devi Chandika slayed demon Bidala with Her sword and demons Durdhara and Durmukha with Her arrows.

Binding the buffalo form of Mahishasura: When Mahishasura initially took the buffalo form, Devi Chandika bound that buffalo form of Mahishasura with Her noose. Bound by Her noose, Mahishasura quitted that buffalo form.

Slaying the lion form of Mahishasura: Thereafter Mahishasura took the lion form. Devi Chandika beheaded the lion form. Mahishasura quitted that lion form.

Slaying the man form of Mahishasura: Thereafter Mahishasura assumed the form of a man with a sword in hand. Devi Chandika cut to pieces that man form. Mahishasura quitted that man form.

Cutting off the trunk of the elephant form of Mahishasura: Thereafter Mahishasura assumed the form of an elephant and attacked the lion of Devi. Devi Chandika cut of the trunk of the elephant with Her sword. Mahishasura quitted that elephant form.

Finally slaying the buffalo form of Mahishasura: Finally Mahishasura assumed a buffalo form again and shook the three worlds. Devi Chandika drank a divine drink and jumping over the buffalo, pressed it down with Her feet and pierced it with Her trident. Mahishasura half-issued from its buffalo form. Finally the Devi severed its head with Her sword.

Devas and sages eulogizing the Devi: Seeing the powerful asura slain by Devi, the devas and sages of heaven, and the gandharvas and apsaras eulogized Her from heaven. There was great exultation all around. (Shakradi Stutih)

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