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Ardhanareeshwara Incarnation

(Shiva Purana - Shata Rudra Samhita - 3)

ShivaMeditation: I meditate on the Ardhanareeshwara form of Lord Shiva with half male and half female body which appeared before Lord Brahma to start the creation based on the intercourse of both male and female principles.

Brahma worried for not being able to expand the creation: When Lord Brahma was unable to increase the number of subjects in creation, he became worried and was filled with great sorrow.

A divine voice instructs him to start creation based on the intercourse of couples: Then a voice from the sky spoke to Brahma to create based on the intercourse of couples. Hearing that voice Brahma thought of creation based on intercourse. Earlier the creation was not based on the intercourse with females.

Brahma performs tapas meditating on Shiva united with Shakti: Lord Brahma thought that without the influence of Lord Shiva creation cannot progress. Hence he started performing tapas (penance). He meditated on Shiva united with Supreme Shakti in his heart.

Lord Shiva appears in the form of Ardhanareeshwara: Seeing the severe tapas of Brahma, Lord Shiva became pleased in no time. He appeared before Brahma in the form of Ardhanareeshwara with half-male and half-female body. Brahma eulogised that form of Shiva united with Shakti bowing down with folded hands. Lord Shiva spoke in a thundering voice that he understood the intention of the penance of Brahma for expanding the creation and will bestow the desired boon.

Lord Shiva separates the Supreme Shakti: Then Lord Shiva separated the Supreme Shakti from His body.

Brahma eulogizes the Shakti asking for the power to create the race of females: Brahma eulogized that Shakti. He said: O Shivaa, in the beginning your husband Shiva created me and entrusted me to create the subjects. Through mental process of creation I was not able to expand the creation. Therefore I intend to create based on the intercourse (of male and female principles). The race of females were not there earlier. Therefore O Akhileshwari, O Supreme Shakti, I pray to you to bestow power on me to be able to create the race of females.

Brahma requesting Shakti to incarnate as the daughter of his son Daksha: Brahma also requested: I pray to you to be born as the daughter of my son Daksha Prajapati to increase the population of movables and immovables in this creation.

Devi bestows the boons on Brahma: His prayer was granted and the Devi bestowed the power of creation to Lord Brahma. On the insistence of Lord Shiva She also became the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. Bestowing this incomparable Shakti to Brahma, Shivaa merged within the body of Shambhu and the Lord disappeared from the place.

Creation starts based on the intercourse of male and female principles: From that day onwards the share of the females started to be given separately in the world. Lord Brahma became delighted and started the creation based on the intercourse of male and female principles.

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