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Ishana Incarnation

(Shiva Purana - Shata Rudra Samhita - 1)

ShivaMeditation: I meditate on the Ishana Incarnation of Shiva of pure crystal-like complexion who is associated with Individual Soul.

Events: In another kalpa known as Vishwarupa, Brahma meditated on Shiva to get a son. Then with the great sound of Nada Vishwarupa Saraswati appeared before Brahma followed by the Ishana Incarnation of Shiva. He was like a pure crystal and adorned with all ornaments. Brahma saluted that unborn Lord Ishana Who pervades everywhere and is without any form. Lord Ishana instructed Brahma and created four sons from His energy. They were known as Jati, Mundi, Shikandi and Ardhamundi. They created the path of Dharma and attained to the goal of yoga.

The Ishana Incarnation is the principal incarnation and is the visible Kshetragya (Individual Soul) which enjoys the Prakriti (Nature).

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