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Lakuli Incarnation

(Shiva Purana - Shata Rudra Samhita - 5)

ShivaMeditation: I meditate on the Lakuli Incarnation of Lord Shiva during the end of the twenty eighth Dwapara yuga of seventh Manvantara of Varaha kalpa.

Events: Lord Shiva said: During the twenty eighth Dwapara yuga Dwaipayana, the Hari and son of Parashara, will become the Vyasa. Out of the sixth Amsha, Krishna Purushottama, the son of Vasudeva will become the Vasudeva. Then I who is Yogatma, with the power of Yogamaya which surprises the world, will take the form of a Brahmachari. Keeping the undecaying body like a dead one in the cremation ground, I for the sake of the Brahmanas, with the power of Yogamaya will enter the auspicious divine cave of Mount Meru along with Vishnu. Then I will be known as Lakuli. I will bodily incarnate in Siddha-Kshetra and would remain famous till the earth is borne.

Four disciples: During that period four ascetic disciples of mine would be born. They would be known as Kushika, Garga, Mitra and Taurushya.

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