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Rishabha Incarnation

(Shiva Purana - Shata Rudra Samhita - 4)

ShivaMeditation: I meditate on the Rishabha Incarnation of Lord Shiva during the end of the ninth Dwapara yuga of seventh Manvantara of Varaha kalpa.

Events: Lord Shiva said: During the ninth Dwapara yuga when Saraswata will become the Vyasa I will incarnate as Rishabha. I will appear to propagate the path of Nivrtti (Renunciation).

Four disciples: During that period four disciples of mine would be born. They would be known as Parashara, Garga, Bhargava and Girisha. They would be great yogins. I will help Vyasa to firmly establish the path of yoga. O Vidhi (in that incarnation), I will redeem many devotees from sorrow out of compassion.

Story of Bhadrayu: A prince whose name was Bhadrayu died of poison. I revived him bringing him back to life during that incarnation. When the prince attained the age of sixteen, I as Rishabha suddenly went to his place. The prince duly worshipped the Muni (Rishabha) who instructed him in dharma, running a kingdom, yoga and how to take care of the subjects. Also the delighted Muni gave him a divine kavacha, conch and a shining sword by which he can destroy all his enemies. After that the muni applied ashes all over his body and infused the strength of twelve thousand elephants. Reassuring him in various ways Rishabhadeva left the place. Then Bhadrayu conquered all his enemies and ruled the kingdom following the principles of dharma. He married Kirtimalini. The life story of Rishabhadeva is very auspicious and should be listened with attention.

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