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Grihapati Incarnation

(Ref: Shiva Purana - Shata Rudra Samhita - 13)

ShivaEvents: Suchismati, the virtuous wife of sage Vaishvanara once asked for the boon of a son resembling Shiva from her husband. Vaishvanara felt that it was Shiva himself who spoke through her the wish. Therefore he went to Kashi to perform penance to get a son.

He worshipped the Vireshwara Linga in Kashi performing penance by restricting food and water. His penance continued for several months. On the thirteenth month Lord Shiva appeared from the Linga in the form of a small boy. Sage Vaishvanara recognizing the boy as Shiva, eulogized him. Lord Shiva then assumed the form of an old man and gave the boon of a son to Vaishvanara who will be an incarnation of him.

Thereafter Suchismati gave birth to a son who was the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Gods and sages arrived there to see the boy. Lord Brahma performed the birth ceremonies and named the child as Grihapati. Grihapati grew up into a religious-minded boy and learned the recitation of the Vedas.

Once sage Narada arrived there and said that after twelve months Grihapati has a danger from fire and lightning. The parents became afraid. Grihapati calmed them and went to Kashi to perform penance.

He consecrated a Shiva Linga and started worshipping it. On the twelfth year Indra arrived there to give boon to Grihapati. Grihapati however declined the boon saying that apart from Lord Shiva he will not accept boon from anyone else. Indra became angry and frightened Grihapati with his vajra. Grihapati fainted. Then Lord Shiva arrived there and said that it was he who was testing him. Lord Shiva gave the boon that Grihpati will be transformed into the form of Agni which dwell in all bodies. He also blessed that the Linga worshipped by Grihapati will be known as Agnishwara. Worshipping the Linga will safeguard one from the fear of untimely death and bestow Agni Loka after death.

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