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Bestowing of Mritasanjivani Vidya to Shukracharya

(Ref: Shiva Purana - Rudra Samhita - Yuddha Khanda - 50)

Lord Shiva ShukracharyaLord Shiva bestows the Mritasanjivani Vidya to Shukracharya: Shukra performed tapas in Kashi for a long time worshipping Lord Vishweshwara. He consecrated a Linga and initially performed external worship only, bathing the Linga a lakh of times with Panchamrita and other fragrant substances, offering various flowers and eulogizing Lord Shiva with various mantras. When Lord Shiva did not appear he resorted to hard inner tapas.

He made his mind still and purifying the heart offered it to Lord Shiva. He survived only by inhaling smoke for a long time. Lord Shiva appeared and told him to ask for a boon. Shukra eulogized the Lord with great devotion. Lord Shiva bestowed him the Mritasanjivani vidya and told him that the Linga consecrated by him will be known as Shukresha which will confer success to the worshippers.

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