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Slaying of Dundubhi Nirhrada

(Ref: Shiva Purana - Rudra Samhita - Yuddha Khanda - 58)

Lord Shiva Shiva in battleLord Shiva slays Dundubhi Nirhrada: After the slaying of Hiranyaksha, the paternal uncle of Prahlada thought of ways to overpower the gods. He thought that the strength of gods were due to yagna which was again due to brahmanas. He decided to devour the brahmanas.

He went first to Kashi and in the guise of a tiger started devouring the brahmanas. Once during Shivaratri he attacked a devotee who was meditating on Shiva after creating a kavacha with mantra. Lord Shiva emerged out of the Linga and pressing the tiger in his armpits killed him by hitting his head with his fist. The brahmanas eulogized Lord Shiva and the Linga became known as Vyaghreshwara.

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