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Slaying of Samkhachuda

(Ref: Shiva Purana - Rudra Samhita - Yuddha Khanda - 27 to 40)

Lord Shiva Shiva in battleLord Shiva slays Samkhachuda: Sage Kashyapa was the son of Marici and the grandson of Lord Brahma. He married thirteen daughters of Daksha Prajapati. One of the wives of Kashyapa was the virtuous Danu. She gave birth to several valorous sons, one of them being Vipracitti. Dambha was one of the sons of Vipracitti. He was an abider of Dharma and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Shukracharya initiated him in Krishna mantra. Dambha went to Pushkara tirtha and performed tapas for a lakh of years reciting the Krishna mantra. Due to his tapas an unbearable tejas started spreading everywhere. Lord Vishnu appeared and gave the boon of a valorous son to him who will be invincible by the gods. The son was in fact Sudama, the friend of Sri Krishna in his earlier birth. Due to a curse of Radha he is now born as a demon known as Samkhachuda.

When Samkhachuda grew up he went to Pushkara and performed tapas on the advice of Jaigishavya. Lord Brahma appeared and gave the boon of a Krishna Kavacha to him. Then Lord Brahma told him to go to Badrikashrama and marry Tulasi who was also doing tapas there. Samkhachuda followed the instructions of Lord Brahma and married Tulasi.

Samkhachuda then waged war against the devas and defeated them. He took away their kingdom. The devas took refuge of the Trinity.

Lord Shiva waged war against Samkhachuda. Samkhachuda displayed his great prowess. Lord Vishnu took the guise of a brahmin and begging from Samkhachuda took away his kavacha. Samkhachuda was still unconquerable due to the chastity of his wife Tulasi. Lord Vishnu in a guise destroyed the chastity of Tulasi. Thereafter Lord Shiva in a terrific fight killed Samkhachuda and brought relief to the devas.

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