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Penance of sage Markandeya

(Ref: Skanda Purana - Badarikashrama Mahatmya - 2)

Badrinath DhamMeditation: I meditate on the penance of sage Markandeya at Badarikashrama repeating the eight-syllabled mantra for three days and the appearance of Lord Narayana blessing him with the boon of steady devotion to His lotus feet.

Penance of sage Markandeya at Badarikashrama (Markandeyi shila): During Tretayuga, sage Markandeya knowing himself to be short-lived worshipped Lord Vishnu. He repeated the twelve-syllabled mantra of the Lord. He visited various pilgrimages and met sage Narada at Mathura. Narada advised him to go to Badari where Hari is perpetually present. Markandeya went to Badari and after taking bath in the holy river, sat on a rock and repeated the eight-syllabled mantra of the Lord. Within three days, Lord Janardhana appeared in His true form holding conch, discus, club and lotus. Markandeya was charged with devotion and he eulogized the Lord. He invoked the grace of the Lord to save him from the miseries of the samsara. The Lord became pleased and told Markandeya to choose a boon. Markandeya prayed to the Lord to grant him steady devotion and make His abode in the rock where he performed his worship. The Lord granted the boon.

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