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Presence of Lord Narasimha

(Ref: Skanda Purana - Badarikashrama Mahatmya - 2)

Badrinath DhamMeditation: I meditate on the sacred pilgrimage of Badarikashrama where Lord Narasimha abided permanently after killing demon Hiranyakasipu and assuming a benign form.

Presence of Lord Narasimha at Badarikashrama (Narasimhi shila): After killing demon Hiranyakasipu the devas were frightened to see the terrible form of the Lord. They eulogized the Lord from a distance. The Lord was pleased and asked them to choose a boon. They prayed the Lord to withdraw His terrible form and assume the benign form with four arms. The Lord went to Badari and stationed Himself in the middle of the waters. Then the sages came there and eulogized the Lord. The Lord was pleased and told them to ask for a boon. They prayed the Lord to stay permanently at Badari. The Lord granted the boon and stayed there in the form of Narasimhi rock.

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