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Presence of Lord Shiva

(Ref: Skanda Purana - Badarikashrama Mahatmya - 2)

Badrinath DhamMeditation: I meditate on the sacred pilgrimage of Badarikashrama where the Linga of Lord Shiva is established in the form of Kedara.

Presence of Lord Shiva at Badarikashrama (Kedara): During Kritayuga Lord Brahma looked at his own daughter with lustful eyes. Lord Shiva in great fury cut off the fifth head of Brahma. But due to the sin of severing the head of Brahma, the skull (kapala) stuck to the hands of Shiva. Shiva went to various tirthas in heaven, earth and nether worlds and resorted to various penances to get rid of the skull. But he was not successful. Finally he went to Vaikuntha and told Hari about his distress. Hari advised him to go to Badari. Shiva went to Badari and his sin was at once removed and the skull dropped off from his hands (kapala mochana). Lord Shiva told that his linga was established there in the form of Kedara which is resorted to by the devotees of Shiva.

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