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Reaching Mahanadi

(Ref: Skanda Purana - Purushottama Kshetra Mahatmya - 7)

Jagannath temple, Puri, Puri district, OdishaMeditation: I meditate on Lord Jagannatha of Sri Purushottama who has a physical form but destroys attachment to physical forms.

Vidyapati starts his journey: On an auspicious hour fixed by astrologers, after performing holy rites, Vidyapati set out with trustworthy associates on a chariot decorated with flowers.

Vidyapati contemplating on his good fortune: Sitting on the chariot Vidyapati contemplated on his good fortune to be able to see the Lord in His physical form in the Nila mountain. The Lord for Whom the ascetics strive day and night to perceive Him in the lotus of their hearts. The Lord Who though possessing a physical form, destroys the attachment to physical forms. The Lord Whom the Vedanta says dwells as the innermost spirit enclosed within the five sheaths. The Lord by chanting Whose Name the sins committed by thoughts, words and deeds perish. The Lord Who has thousand heads, eyes and feet and each of Whose hair supports a Brahmanda (Cosmic Egg).

Reaching Mahanadi: Thinking thus Vidyapati reached Odhra desa and crossing various forests, mountains and forts reached the bank of river Mahanadi during sunset. He performed his evening rites and meditated on the Lord. Then he spent the night in the chariot.

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