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Worship of Srikalahasteeshwara by spider Sri

(Ref: Srikalahasteeshwara Sthalapurana - 28)

Lord ShivaMeditation: I meditate on the Linga of Srikalahasteeshwara which was worshipped by spider Sri; spider Sri finally attaining salvation by worshipping that Linga.

Worship of Srikalahasteeshwara by spider Sri: On the banks of river Tamrapani lived a noble brahmin called Satyasakha. However due to sins committed by him in previous birth he got a wicked son who discarded his parents and relatives as well as the brahminical ways. He associated himself with the weaver community and was adapted by a weaver. He was named Karamba by the weaver and was married to a weaver. When Karamba was old and in death bed, he gifted a cloth to a brahmin to decorate a Shiva Linga. In the next birth he was born as a spider called Sri, but due to the merit of gifting a cloth for Shiva, he was devoted to Shiva. He regularly took bath in river Swarnamukhi and decorated the vicinity of Shiva Linga with cobweb spinning in the shape of chariots, mandapas, towers, thrones etc. He continued this for several years.

One day Lord Shiva wanted to test the depth of his devotion. On a Monday on Chaitra Shukla Chaturdasi, the Lord reduced all creations of the spider to ashes. The spider in great dissappointment ended his life by entering into the flame of a lamp. By the grace of Shiva, the spider regained his original form and saw Lord Shankara before him seated on a bull. In great joy the spider sang praises of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased and told him to ask for a boon. The spider asked for a place in the Vayu Linga and his name to be associated with this place. Lord Shiva granted the boons. The spider merged in the Vayu Linga.

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