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Kidnap of Devi Sita

Kidnap of Devi Sita:

Sri Rama & Forest Events:

Valmiki Ramayana - Aranya Kanda 45 to 60: Ravana kidnapping Devi Sita: While Sri Rama was staying at Panchavati, one day, Devi Sita saw a beautiful golden deer. Devi Sita became enamoured by its beauty and asked Sri Rama to bring it alive or dead. Sri Rama ran after the golden deer who was demon Mareecha in disguise. The deer eluded Sri Rama for a long time. Finally Sri Rama killed demon Mareecha in the form of the deer. In the meantime Ravana came to the cottage of Rama at Panchavati in the guise of a beggar and kidnapped Devi Sita by a trick.

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