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Sri Rama describing the beauty of Pampa Sarovar

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Aranya Kanda - 75 to Kishkindha Kanda - 1)

Sri Rama and SabariMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama visiting the Pampa Sarovar and describing its beauty.

1. Sri Rama visiting Pampa Sarovar: Sri Rama visits Pampa Sarovar on whose bank was the Rishyamukha Parvata. Sri Rama breaks into rupture describing the beauty of the Pampa Sarovar along with the surrounding woodlands, and also his own anguish for being separated from Devi Sita.

2. Sugreeva becoming apprehensive: Sugreeva sees Rama and Lakshmana and becomes filled with apprehensions (thinking that they are agents of Vali).

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