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Sri Rama travelling from Prayaga to Chitrakoota

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Ayodhya Kanda - 55 to 56)

Sri Rama travelling during forest exileMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama travelling to Chitrakoota after crossing river Yamuna at Prayaga.

1. Sri Rama crossing river Yamuna: Sri Rama crosses river Yamuna at Prayaga by preparing a raft of wood. Devi Sita offers prayers to river Yamuna in the middle of the river.

2. Sri Rama reaching banyan tree Shyama: Sri Rama reaches the Banyan (Nyagrodha) tree called Shyama which was having the cool shade of green leaves. Devi Sita prays to the Banyan tree circumambulating it with joined palms.

3. Sri Rama travelling through forest: Sri Rama travels through the forest along the bank of river Yamuna and spends a night there. Next morning he again starts the journey towards Chitrakoota.

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