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Sri Rama meeting Guha

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Ayodhya Kanda - 51 to 52)

Sri Rama meeting GuhaMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama visiting Shringaverapura on the bank of river Ganga and meeting Guha, the king of Nishadas.

1. Sri Rama camping at Shringaverapura: During the forest exile Sri Rama reaches Shringaverapura on the bank of river Ganga (after crossing the Kosala kingdom). Sri Rama stays under a huge Ingudi tree. Valmiki Ramayana gives a beautiful description of river Ganga. Read it here.

2. Sri Rama meeting Guha at Shringaverapura: Sri Rama meets Guha, the king of Nishadas and who was also his dear friend. Guha cordially welcomes Sri Rama and extends his hospitality.

3. Sri Rama spending a night at Shringaverapura: Sri Rama spends a night at Shringaverapura lying on the ground on the bank of river Ganga guarded by Lakshmana and Guha.

4. Sri Rama crossing river Ganga: Sri Rama sends back Sumantra who was accompanying him and crosses river Ganga in a boat given by Guha (and then proceeds towards Prayaga).

5. Devi Sita offering prayers to river Ganga: While crossing the river, Devi Sita offers prayers to river Ganga.

Pilgrimage: Shringaverapura is identified with Shringaverpur in the Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

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