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Sri Rama hearing about Vamana incarnation

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Bala Kanda - 29)

Sri Rama with VishwamitraMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama hearing about the Vamana incarnation of Sri Vishnu at Siddhashrama.

1. Sri Rama reaching Siddhashrama: Coming out of the Tataka forest, Sri Rama sees a very pleasant forest by the side of the mountains. The mountains were appearing like clouds. The forests were as if decorated with various animals and birds. The sounds of the birds appeared very charming. The entire environment was happy and delightful. Sri Rama enquires about the forest from sage Vishwamitra.

2. Sage Vishwamitra telling about penance of Sri Vishnu: Sage Vishwamitra tells about the penance of Sri Vishnu at Siddhashrama. Sri Vishnu abided at this place and performed penance for many hundreds of yugas.

3. Sage Vishwamitra telling about Vedic ritual of king Bali: Sage Vishwamitra tells about the Vedic ritual of king Bali. Emperor Bali, the son of king Virochana, was conducting a grand Vedic ritual after conquering the abodes of the gods. The gods appeared before Sri Vishnu and appealed to him to ask for a gift from Bali for the welfare of the gods. Bali was well-known for his magnanimity, hence anything asked from him is expected to be granted.

4. Sage Vishwamitra telling about penance of sage Kashyapa: During the same time sage Kashyapa and Devi Aditi were also performing penance in this place which continued for thousand divine years. After completing their penance, sage Kashyapa started eulogizing Sri Vishnu. He described Vishnu as Tapomaya (who is full of Tapas), Taporashi (Who is an aggregate of Tapas), Tapo Murti (Who is an embodiment of Tapas) and Tapaatmakam (Whose essence is Tapas). Sage Kashyapa said that within the form of Sri Vishnu he is seeing the entire universe which is without any end. Pleased by the eulogy of the sage, Vishnu appeared before him and told him to ask for a boon. Kashyapa asked the boon that Sri Vishnu himself descend as his son and help the gods to get back their kingdom from king Bali. The sage also declared that since his penance got accomplished there, the hermitage will be known as Siddhashrama (or the hermitage of accomplishment).

5. Sage Vishwamitra telling about incarnation of Vamana at that place: Granting the boon of sage Kashyapa, Sri Vishnu descended there as the Vamana Avatara from Devi Aditi. Approaching emperor Bali, the Lord took away the whole empire of Bali with three strides.

6. Sage Vishwamitra telling about his hermitage there: Sage Vishwamitra then tells that due to his devotion to Vamana, the hermitage of Vishnu was accorded to him. However demons were causing disturbances in that hermitage.

7. Sri Rama spending a night there: Sri Rama spends that night there in the hermitage of sage Vishwamitra (Siddhashrama).

See also: Sri Rama protecting yagna of Vishwamitra at Siddhashrama.


Vamaneshwar Dham, Charitravan, Buxar, Bihar Siddhashrama is identified with Vamaneshwar Dham in the Buxar district of Bihar.

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