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Sri Rama protecting yagna of Vishwamitra

(Ref: Valmiki Ramayana - Bala Kanda - 30)

Sri Rama with VishwamitraMeditation: I meditate on Sri Rama protecting the yagna of sage Vishwamitra at Siddhashrama.

1. Sage Vishwamitra telling about his hermitage there: Sage Vishwamitra tells about the Vamana incarnation of Sri Vishnu at Siddhashrama. Then he tells that due to his devotion to Vamana, the hermitage of Vishnu was accorded to him. However demons were causing disturbances in that hermitage.

2. Sri Rama spending a night there: Sri Rama spends that night there in the hermitage of sage Vishwamitra (Siddhashrama).

3. Sri Rama protecting the yagna of Vishwamitra: After entering Siddhashrama, sage Vishwamitra takes the vow of silence to complete a yagna. The other sages tell Rama and Lakshmana to guard the yagna for six days and nights from demons that come to create obstacles in the yagna. Sri Rama guards the yagna for six days and nights. On the last day two demons named Mareecha and Subahu appears from the sky with an array of demons to stop the yagna. They start pouring spates of blood and tries to destroy the ritual completely. Sri Rama aims a Manava Astra towards Mareecha and with it flings him hundred yojanas away inside the ocean. With Agneya Astra Sri Rama kills demon Subahu. With Vayavya Astra Sri Rama repels all the other demons. The yagna of Vishwamitra was thus protected. The sages praise Rama. Vishwamitra says that Rama has kept the honour of Siddhashrama (the hermitage of accomplishment) because his yagna also got accomplished there on that day. Sri Rama and Lakshmana spends that night in that hermitage.

See also Sri Rama hearing about Vamana incarnation at Siddhashrama.


Vamaneshwar Dham, Charitravan, Buxar, Bihar Siddhashrama is identified with Vamaneshwar Dham in the Buxar district of Bihar.

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