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Trees associated with Lord Shiva

Lord Shivaबिल्व (Bilva): The Bilva Tree is a form of Mahadeva (Glory of Bilva) (Shiva Purana - Vidyeshwara Samhita - 22).
रुद्राक्ष (Rudraksha): The Rudraksha Tree originated from the tear-drops of Mahadeva (Glory of Rudraksha) (Shiva Purana - Vidyeshwara Samhita - 25).
वट (Vata): Lord Dakshinamurthy is depicted as sitting under a Banyan tree and instructing his disciples through his meditative silence (Dakshinamurthy Stotram).
अर्क (Arka): The Arka flower is used in the worship of Lord Shiva.

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
May there be Peace in the Sky,
May there be Peace in the Earth,

(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Simplify Life,
And help Nature thrive,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.

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