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Benefits of Trees

1. Related to Sustaining Lives:

Mango tree Related to Sustaining Lives: Trees sustain our lives in various ways.

1. Oxygen: First, Trees sustain life with oxygen without which we cannot live even for a moment.

2. Food: Second, Trees sustain life with food which is essential for our survival.

3. Medicine: Third, Trees sustain life with various types of medicines to keep us healthy.

4. Wood: Fourth, Trees provide wood for fuel (firewood), as well as timber for building various equipments.

5. Shelter: Fifth, Trees provide shelter to not only human beings but various animals and birds.

2. Related to the Five Elements:

ForestRelated to the Five Elements: Trees purify, improve or transform the five elements of Nature.

1. Earth: Trees build the soil organic matter, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, retains soil moisture and reduces soil erosion.

2. Water: Trees act as natural water filters by collecting rainwater in their leaves and slowly releasing them in the streams and rivers.

3. Fire: Trees use the energy of the Sun during photosynthesis and produces food. Also by providing shade, Trees allow us to enjoy the daytime even during mid-day when the Sun is hot.

4. Air: Trees purify the air by providing oxygen, removing carbon-dioxide and filtering dust particles. Trees cool the air by providing shade and releasing water in the atmosphere.

5. Space: Trees enhance the beauty of the space through flowers, shade, song of birds as well as silence.

3. Related to Aesthetics:

Bakula tree Related to Aesthetics: Trees beautify Nature as well as our lives through various means.

1. Flowers: Trees beautify the space by blossoming flowers of various colours.

2. Manifesting Seasons: Trees manifests the special features of the seasons through its leaves and flowers. Some trees shade their leaves during winter. Some trees blossom their flowers during spring.

3. Songs of Birds: When Trees are there birds come and sing, and fill the place with a natural melody.

4. Providing Silence: Trees in forests provide an environment of silence which is conducive for contemplation and spiritual practices.

4. Related to Tradition:

Bilva tree and Lord Shiva Related to Tradition: Trees are integral part of the sacredness of many traditions. Trees not only purify the external environment, but it also purifies our inner lives. Many aspects of this sacred association of Trees with our lives is captured by Tradition.

1. Environment for spiritual practice: Trees in forests provide an environment for contemplation and spiritual practice. The wisdom of the Sanatana Dharma was attained by sages meditating in the forests. A special arrangement of five Trees suitable for meditation is Panchavati.

2. Depicting deeper aspects of life: Some special features of Trees often depict some deeper aspects of life. Kalpavrikshas are a class of Trees with certain special features.

3. Deities: Trees are often associated with various deities. Bilva and Rudraksha trees are associated with Shiva. Neem and Kadamba trees are associated with Devi. Tulasi plant is associated with Vishnu etc.

4. Temples: Trees are associated with temples in various ways. Sthala Vrikshas are Trees which are part of the sacred Temple premise itself. Sacred groves are associated with local deities and form light forested areas which are presided over by those deities. Temples are often built in natural places like mountains and forests where Trees form an integral part of the environment.

5. Worship (Puja): Many Trees and plants are used in Puja. Mango leaves are placed on Mangal Kalasha. The wood of Palasha trees are used in yagna. Banana trees are used to make Navapatrikas. Sandalwood trees are used for its paste. Durva grass, Kusha grass and Tulasi leaves are extensively used in worship rituals.

6. Festivals: Trees are associated with many festivals. Examples are Amala Ekadasi, Bilva Saptami and Navami, Somavati Amavashya, Vata Savitri Vrata etc.

7. Saints: Trees are associated with various saints. Bodhisattvas (Buddhism) and Tirthankaras (Jainism) attained enlightenment under various Trees. Various Sikh Gurudwaras are named after Trees because of their association with Sikh Gurus. In Hinduism there is a long tradition of meditating in Panchavati and other forests. Sri Ramakrishna himself created a Panchavati in the Dakshineshwar Kali temple for performing spiritual practices.

8. Astrology: In Astrology, Trees are associated with Nakshatras (Stars), Raashis (Lunar equivalent of Zodiac signs) and Navagrahas (Planets).

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Om, May there be Peace in Heaven,
May there be Peace in the Sky,
May there be Peace in the Earth,

(Shanti Mantra of Upanishad)

Preserve Nature,
And Nature will preserve Us,
Simplify Life,
And help Nature thrive,
Plant Trees,
And make our planet Green.

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