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Ancient wisdom about Nadi (River)

Nadi - The River:

Bhoomi Devi Stotras of Nadi (River):
Ancient Wisdom about Nadi (River):

1. Some Rivers have Divine Origin:
  1. River Ganga descended from Heaven by the penance of king Bhageeratha Valmiki Ramayana 1.42 to 1.44:

    River Ganga descended from Heaven For making river Ganga descend on Earth, king Bhageeratha delegated his kingdom to the custody of his ministers and went to Gokarna for a long tapas (penance). He raised his arms, stood within the five fires (Pancha Agni), took food only once a month and completely controlled his senses. He performed intense tapas for one thousand years. Then Bhagavan Brahma became pleased and went to Bhageeratha with other Devas, and told him to ask for a boon. King Bhageeratha asked the boon for the descent of river Ganga on Earth to wash the ashes of his ancestors (and give them liberation). He also asked the boon for an offspring to continue his dynasty. Lord Brahma told that the Earth cannot endure the force of descent of river Ganga, and only Lord Shiva can bear it. When Brahma left, Bhageeratha started tapas to propitiate Lord Shiva. He stood on the tip of his toe for one year and performed tapas. Lord Shiva became pleased, appeared before him, and consented to bear the descent of river Ganga. In this way river Ganga descended from Heaven first on the matted hairs of Lord Shiva. Shiva then released Ganga in Bindu Sarovar in the Himalayas. Since river Ganga descended touching the body of Shiva, the Rishis and Gandharvas touched Her holy waters. Many who had fallen from heaven due to curse, performed Abhiseka with Her waters, became sinless, and returned to Heaven. River Ganga followed the chariot of Bhageeratha, reached Sagara (Ocean) and from there went to Rasatala (Nether World). There, She washed the ashes of the ancestors of king Bhageeratha and liberated them. Lord Brahma told that henceforth Ganga will be renowned as Tri-Patha-Gamini (the river which sanctifies the three worlds - Swarga, Marta and Patala by Her divine waters).

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2. Some Rivers originate from Virtuous Persons:
  1. Satyavati, the sister of sage Vishwamitra, flowed down as river Kaushiki Valmiki Ramayana 1.34:

    The sister of Rishi Vishwamitra named Satyavati flowed down as river Kaushiki Sage Vishwamitra told Rama that Gadhi was his father who was a very righteous man (Parama Dharmika). Since he (i.e. Vishwamitra) was born in Kusha dynasty, he is known as Kaushiki. (Like his righteous father) his elder sister Satyavati was also of great vows (Suvrata). She was married to sage Ruchika. She went to Heaven in body following her (departed) husband. She was very generous, and for the welfare of the world flowed down as river Kaushiki and coursed through the Himalayas.

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