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Ancient wisdom about Vriksha (Tree)

Vriksha - The Tree:

Bhoomi Devi Stotras of Vriksha (Tree):

Ancient Wisdom about Vriksha (Tree):

1. Trees are one of our greatest Assets:
  1. Devi Parvati assigned the value of a Tree as equal to Ten Sons Matsya Purana 154.505 to 154.512:

    Devi Parvati Devi Parvati assigned the value of a Tree as equal to Ten Sons After the birth of Ganesha, Parvati again longed for a son. The beautiful-faced one (i.e. Devi Parvati) planted a beautiful bud (or sapling) of Ashoka tree. That (i.e. the sapling) grew as the Auspicious one tended it with care (like a son). Once with Brihaspati leading, the Vipras (Sages and Brahmanas) came there. There the Munis asked the Devi: O Bhavani, You have manifested for the welfare of the World. The world mostly desire the fruits of sons and grandsons. The people without sons are often seen taking recourse to gods (for getting Sons). Now we see in our path a Maryada (Moral Custom) to perform to deserve merit. What is the benefit of cosidering a Tree (Taru) as a Son (and rearing it)?

    Thus said the joyful Uma, Whose body is Purna (with Beauty) and Whose speech is Auspicious. The Devi said:
    - One who makes a Kupa (Well) in a place where there is no water, lives in Heaven for as many years as the drops of water in it.
    - (Now) equal to Ten such Kupas (Wells) is a Vapi (Pond).
    - Equal to Ten such Vapis (Ponds) is a Hrada (Lake).
    - Equal to Ten such Hradas (Lakes) is a Putra (Son).
    - (And) Equal to Ten such Putras (Sons) is a Druma (Tree).

    This is the Maryada (Moral Custom) I established for the welfare of the World.

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