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Tamil Online Tools

SlTamil ToolWhat you can do
01. Tamil Word List - Find Tamil words grouped under various categories.
02. Tamil Writing Pad - Write Tamil using English for RTF & HTML.

Bengali Online Tools

SlBengali ToolWhat you can do
01. Bengali Writing Pad - Write Bengali using English for RTF & HTML.
02. Bengali English Pad - Write a combination of Bengali and English using English for RTF & HTML.

Other Online Tools

Topics Description
Online Route Tool:  
1. Chennai Bus Routes Find direct and indirect routes of Chennai MTC buses between a source and destination.
2. Route Query Find the routes between a source and destination.
Online Calculators:  
1. Average Calculator Find the average price of different items.
2. Date Calculator Find the difference between two dates.
3. Stock Calculator Find brokerage and taxes for stock trades.
Online Testers:  
1. Regex Tester Test regular expression matches.
2. Tabular Data Query Computations on tabular data.
3. Text Utility Replace text and find substring.
4. XML Query Visualize XML as a tree structure and search data using simple queries.
5. HTML Tester Test HTML code online.
6. Javascript Tester Test Javascript code online.
7. Key Code Generator Find the ascii key codes of different keyboard keys.
8. Sorter Sort words alphabetically.
9. Text Styler Format a text and generate the CSS expressions.
10. Unicode Tester Render the symbols of different HTML unicodes.
Online Drawing Tools:  
1. Drawing Utility Draw shapes using the canvas API. The image can be saved.
2. Sequence Diagram Utility Draw sequence diagrams using simple commands. The image can be saved.

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