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Sri Ramakrishna having the vision of Jesus

Sri Ramakrishna having the vision of Jesus:

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Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 21: Sri Ramakrishna having the vision of Jesus: When Sri Ramakrishna returned to Dakshineshwar temple from the parlour of Jadunath Mallick, he remained absorbed in the mood of Christianity for three days. He forgot altogether to go to the temple of the Divine Mother and pay obeisance to Her. The waves of the Christian ideas had mastery over his mind for three days.

On the close of the third day, at Panchavati, Sri Ramakrishna saw a marvellous god-man of very fair complexion coming towards him and looking steadfastly at him. As soon as Sri Ramakrishna saw him, he knew he was a foreigner. He had long eyes, and the tip of his nose was a little flat. Sri Ramakrishna was charmed by the extraordinary divine expression of that handsome face and wondered who he was. Very soon from the bottom of the heart came the words: "Jesus! Jesus the Christ, the great Yogi, the loving Son of God, one with the Father, who gave his heart's blood and put up the endless torture in order to deliver men from sorrow and misery!".

Jesus, then embraced Sri Ramakrishna and disappeared into his body. Sri Ramakrishna went into ecstasy and lost normal consciousness. He remained identified for sometime with the Omnipresent Brahman with attributes.

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