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Arrival of Haladhari

Arrival of Haladhari:

Dakshineshwar Kali Meditation:

I meditate on Sri Ramakrishna due to whose exalted devotional state the Divine Mother arranged the worship service of the temple through Hriday and Haladhari.

(Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 7)

Arrival of Haladhari:

Dakshineshwar Kali Events:

Ref: Sri Ramakrishna the Great Master - Part 2 - Ch 7: Arrival of Haladhari: Ramtarak Chattopadhyaya, the cousin of Sri Ramakrishna came to Dakshineshwar temple in search of a job in the year 1858. Sri Ramakrishna used to call him Haladhari. When Sri Ramakrishna was no longer able to perform the ritualistic worship of the Divine Mother due to his exalted devotional state, Mathur Babu appointed Haladhari in the worship service of the Goddess.

Haladhari was more inclined towards Vishnu than Devi: Haladhari was a good scholar and sadhaka who was devoted to the rites and practices according to scriptures. He was proficient in Srimad Bhagavatam and Adhyatma Ramayana and had greater devotion towards Lord Vishnu than Devi.

Divine Mother removes Haladhari from Her service: Haladhari could not worship the Divine Mother with great zeal, firstly because he was more devoted to Lord Vishnu, and secondly because he was not well disposed towards animal sacrifices which used to take place during festivals. Therefore after performing the worship for about a month, one day while performing his sandhya, it is said that he saw Divine Mother assume a terrible form and said to him: "Get up and go away from here. You shall not perform the worship. Your son shall die on the offence of your irreverent worship." It is said that the event actually came to pass and he received the news of his son's death a few days later. From that time he stopped worshipping the Divine Mother and conducted the worship of Radha-Govinda. Since then Hriday began to worship the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother told Sri Ramakrishna that She will accept the worship of Hriday: Previous to this incident Hriday earlier told about an incident. Hriday said: "One day the Master suddenly got up from the worshipper's seat in a state of ecstasy and saw Mathur Babu and me in the temple. He then took hold of me by the hand, made me sit on that seat and said to Mathur: 'Hriday will perform the worship from today. Mother says, She will accept his worship in the same manner as mine', and the devout Mathur accepted these words of the Master as the command of the Mother".

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